Before We Were Born

God Knew Us!

Have you ever wondered how important you are to the Lord?
Do you sometime question if God has a plan for your life.
Can regular people, (like you and Sister Joy) rest assured, that the Lord
will lead and guide us, as He did men and women in Bible Days?
These are all questions that everyone will face at some point as a Christian.
Let’s go into the Book of Jeremiah and study about how the Word of the Lord
came to him and gave him instruction and comfort.

Jeremiah 1:4
“Then the Word of the Lord came unto me, saying,
Before I formed you in the belly I knew you;
and before you came forth out of the womb I sanctified you,
and I ordained you a Prophet unto the nations.”
Then said I, Ah, Lord God!
behold I cannot speak: for I am a child.
But the LORD said unto me,
Say not, I am a child:
for you shall go to all that I shall send you,
and whatsoever I command you you shall do.
Be not afraid of their faces:
for I am with you to deliver you, saith the LORD.
Then the LORD put forth His Hand,
and touched my mouth.
And the LORD saith unto me,
Behold, I have put My Words in your mouth.”


As we begin to read in verse 4 we hear Jeremiah telling us
that the “Word of the Lord” came to him.
Today we too, can experience the “Word of the Lord” coming to us.  
So many people in churches today, look for a evangelist or pastor or prophet
to bring to them a “Word from the Lord”.  
You might ask, “Is it wrong for a Minister to give us a Word from the Lord?”
Sister Joy would answer, “Not necessarily”. However, as we grow in our walk with God,
we are to learn to know “His Voice” for ourselves. There may be times when God uses
others to speak to us, and they may indeed have a Word of Wisdom from God. 
However we are not to just take everything another tells us, as “Thus saith the Lord”.
We need to weigh what another tells us, “God said”, in our Spirit.
Sometimes people, and or even Ministers make mistakes in what they say they heard from God. 
Also sometimes people and or Ministers, put God’s Name on words that God never spoke.
For example years ago, a lady came to Sister Joy and told me, “God told her that I was to
move to Florida and start tent revivals there.” I was polite to her and weighed her words
with what the Lord had spoken to me about my own life.  I did not go and sell everything
in an instant and leave and go across the country because someone said to me,
“Thus saith the Lord”. I believe a Prophesy from others (be it a Minister or Fellow Christian)
should be a confirmation of what God has already spoken in our own hearts. If it does
not confirm what I already know,
I personally put it on the back burner of my mind. Then if the Lord choses to use
it later as a confirmation to lead me, He can bring it to my remembrance.
If it was not a “Word From the Lord” I just let it go.
So far, I have not felt to move to Florida and start Tent Revivals.


Now, when Minister make a mistake in how God uses them, that is one thing.
We can and should forgive each other when we are trying to do our best, but miss the
mind of God, and give wrong directions. I have never personally had the pleasure of
meeting a perfect minister.
So, with that said let us understand that those we trust as Ministers and friends may tell us
at some point they have a “Word From God” for us. Then after we listen to their words, and pray and
seek God, we may realize it was indeed not a word from God. What do we do at that point?
We can just say in our heart that they made a mistake in their zeal to help us or to be used of God. 
We can choose to just forgive and go on. We lost nothing, because we took it to the Lord in Prayer.


However, I am not making light of missing the mind of God. 
If and when we ever feel the Lord told us to speak, and we later realize it was indeed a mistake,
it should break our hearts. This is a mistake that we take to the alter and repent of. I have seen
this mistake ruin lives. We do not want to stand before God someday and He say to us He never
told us to say to prophesy  or look at us and say, He never knew us.
Matthew 7:21-23 this problem is addressed.
Not everyone who says unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.”
Read on…”MANY will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your Name?…….”
It would be good to read  all of the verses 21-23, however I am sure you see what the Lord is trying
to warn us about here.


Now, there are those that call themselves ministers, or just fellow church goers,
that may or may not call themselves Prophets, and go around speaking
“Thus Saith the Lord”. Seemingly they have a word from God for everyone. 
As you watch and listen, your Spirit man is grieved because it become evident they are not
lead of the Holy Spirit,  but they are working in their own flesh. Then,  do not give ear to what
they have to say. They are “false prophets” that seek their own gain in the eyes and hearts of God’s People.
They are wolves in sheep’s clothing as Matthew 7:15 teaches us about.
Let me encourage you to go to God and ask Him to give you a Word from Him.
God will never be too busy to talk to us. He awaits us to go to Him.
He loves for us to look to Him to lead and guide us each and every day. God wants to abide in our hearts,
thoughts, minds, and our very being. This is why He sent to us the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will lead,
teach and guide us, and empower us to do the will of Father God. Let us grow in our relationship with God and
be willing to spend time in His Presence. When we pray and talk with God, when we read our Bibles, when we
worship Him for who He is in our lives, we will begin to feel and hear from God. 
There are many ways that God speaks to His children. It may, and most times is, a knowing way down deep
in our hearts,  or a so very quiet whisper from the Throne Room of Heaven. 
Our job is to grow in the Lord and learn to hear His Voice.
John 10: 27-28 tells  us that His Sheep know His Voice.
Jeremiah heard from God for himself, and we can also.
If we want a relationship with God so we can hear His Voice, it is not built on our wisdom or knowledge,
  Our ability to hear His Voice is dependent on our willingness to do things God’s way.
What is God's Way?, you may ask. We can go straight into the presence of Father God,
when our Faith is in the Blood of Jesus and what He did for us at Calvary.


I have heard so many times people say that they do not feel worthy to approach the Lord.
In a sense they are correct. They, we, me, are not and never will be worthy in ourselves.
There is nothing we can do to earn or merit the presence of the Lord.
This is why we must always understand our need to have our Faith firmly planted in Christ and Calvary.
When we go before God, he does not look for what we have done for Him.
He looks at us to see if we approach His Throne with Faith in the Price Jesus paid at Calvary.
As we grow and learn to approach God through the Blood of Jesus we will then have our path cleared
so that we can experience "The Word of the Lord" and know how to hear "His Voice".


Let's Us Pray,
Father God, in Jesus Name we come before You and ask You to
help us to be willing to take time to pray and be with You. Help us walk the way you prepare
for us to know Your Voice and Hear Your Word.  We now can understand that there is only one way
to know Your Voice, and that is with our Faith firmly planted in the Price Jesus paid
at Calvary, and the Blood that He Shed there. Help us forgive anyone who has
wronged us, by giving us Prophesies or Words that did not come from You. We understand that fellow
christians and Ministers can be mislead through desire to help us or be used of God. We choose to
forgive. We pray for them to draw closer to You so that they will only say what You (Father God)
choose them to tell others, if indeed You desire to use them in this way. For all others who
are leading Your people through deception, we ask You to deal with them to stop deceiving Your people.
Lord we acknowledge that You do use others at times to speak to us. Give us Your Wisdom to know
the difference. Lord, help us to be very sensitive to Your Leading as we ourselves reach out to help
Your People. Help us to seek You diligently for any and all words we would give to another as, "Thus
Saith the Lord."  Help us know for sure what we tell another, "Thus saith the Lord" is truly from
the Throne Room of Heaven. And Lord please speak to us as you did those we read about in Your
Word. We want to hear from You as Jeremiah did. We want it to be written in our lives that the
"Word of the Lord" came to us. We want to hear You encourage us and lead us and give us wisdom only
You can give. Amen

“Then said I, Ah, Lord God!
behold I cannot speak: for I am a child.
But the LORD said unto me,
Say not, I am a child:”