Our Tree of Life

Part 1 of 2
Book of Proverbs
Chapter 3 1-13

Salvation is the greatest decision we
will ever make in our life time. To decide
to give our heart and life to God is a
decision of eternal value. This decision
will change our today, and all our
tomorrows, and where we spend eternity.
As our New Life begins we are taught
in God’s Word that all our sins are
forgiven and we have a new beginning.
Jesus paid the price at Calvary so that
when Father God looks upon us,
He does not see any sin because all
sin was washed away by the Blood
Jesus shed on the Cross.
The Word of God becomes our
Tree of Life as we begin our
Walk with God.
The Answer to every one of our
questions, to all our problems, and
all our needs if found in the Bible.
We must always value God’s Word
and hold the truth and wisdom it
teaches very close to our hearts.
This third chapter of Proverbs is
a wonderful place for us to
read over and over until it grabs
hold of our hearts and minds.
This is Sister Joy’s new favorite place
to “camp” in God’s Word. This Chapter
 just keeps
speaking to me a
New Truth everytime
I read it. It is like
Tree of Life for me!
Sister Joy has included 26 Verses
in our Bible Study.  Below is
I have written out all 26
verses. Please read them
and use them through
each verse we study today.
This is a
Two Part Study.
This Entire Bible Study
is found in
Proverbs 3: 1-26
Part One will cover
Verses 1-14
 Part Two will cover
 Verses 15-26

I pray the Holy Spirit speaks to
your heart as He has mine, and
you see how precious God’s Love
is for us that He gives us very
point blank directions in His Word
of How to Walk in this Life.
There is so much to learn
from this Chapter.
Now lets go get our Bibles.
If you want to know the Heartbeat
of your Heavenly Father in a
greater measure, this
Bible Study is for you!

Do not forget Father God’s Law,
and let our hearts keep His Commandments.
Verse one is teaching us that we are
not to ever forget about the
Word of God - Bible
and we to obey God’s Word.

When God’s Word has a place of great value
in our hearts and we do our best to
obey God’s Instuctions, we will have a
“Knowing” in our heart and mind,
that God holds the length of
our days and long life. This knowledge
will give us a “Peace” in our hearts
that passes our human understanding.

When Sister Joy’s Children were
young, I made them necklaces
for a Bible Study that I taught them
every morning before they went to
school. I just cut out some colorful
construction paper and punch holes
at the top and took a piece of yarn
to make our Bible Necklaces. On the
paper I had written this verse.
It was a fun way of teaching my
children that we are to always
place Great Value on God’s Word.
Also we are to keep God’s Word
close to our hearts.
This verse teaches us we can seek
the attention and favor of the Lord.
As we learn to cherish the
Instructions found in the Bible,
 we will know in greater measure
God’s Mercy and Truth.

As we read and obey God’s Word
we will experience God’s Favor. We will
also have greater understanding
of how to live for Him in our daily life.

Life will bring us many challenges.
Some we will not understand why
God has allowed to come our way.
No matter what a day brings,
we are to Trust God. Not just
a little but with all our heart.
God is working a work in other
lives and in our life.
Father God did not bring us this
far to fail us now.
No matter how much we do
not understand or how much
hurt and pain we are going
(emotionally, physically, or financially)
God is in control. He will work all things
out for our good. Our understand of
situations we go through is limited, but
we can trust our Lord to walk with
us every step of the way. When we
lean to our own understanding we can
get into trouble and our faith can be

In everything we do, we are to see
God’s Hand in it. We are to acknowledge
God in all our ways. We are not to
strive to be self sufficient but
totally dependent on the Blood
Jesus Shed at Calvary.

We must always remember
the enemy of our soul wants
us to fail God and steal our
Faith in the Lord.
Satan wants us to think
we do not need to have
a close relationship with
our Heavenly Father. He will
try to make feel we can live
fine without reading our Bibles
and seeking God’s Wisdom from
His Word. He wants us to lean
on our own wisdom or the
wisdom of man and this old world.
There is only ONE that will not
fail us in this life, and that is
Jesus. It is evil to look to our
own wisdom and strength to make
it in this life. Our wisdom will fail
us. The wisdom of this world will
fail us. When we use our own ways
and wisdom to try to live this life,
we are saying we do not see
Value in God’s Wisdom and
Understanding. God wants us
to fear Him. We will either fear
disobeying God’s Word or we will
experience a fear when we learn
that this worlds wisdom will not
hold up through the pressures
and trials of this life. It is our
choice. Sister Joy chooses to
Fear God. This to me means that
I fear not having the peace and
protection that God’s is promising
in this chapter for my life. I do not
want to be full of the pride of
life and sing that old song,
“I Did It My Way”
Sister Joy wants to grow in
my Relationship with God so I
will understand the
“Precious Knowing”
of being totally dependent on
Jesus and what He did
for me at Calvary.

To be totally dependent on God
to help us everyday will Bless us
with a “Spiritually Healthy” Life.
It has also been said by Doctors when
people stay stressed out they are
more likely to be sick physically in some
way in their body. When we have
that “Precious Knowing” that only
God’s Word can give us through
His Wisdom and Understanding,
we have a Peace in our hearts and
lives this world cannot give. The
Peace of God helps us not to live
stressed. We are learning to put
our trust and confidence in
the Lord to take care of us,
no matter what comes our way.
That is a stress reliever.

God blesses His Children. He will
bless us in all ways of Life as
we live for Him. He tells us to
“Honor Him” with what He has
Blessed us with. When God
Blesses Sister Joy financially,
I love to take the first 10% and
Honor God with the first fruits of
All my increase. God has Blessed
me and I love to “Honor Him”
with my tithes and offerings.

Another promise of God
is when we obey in our Giving,
Our own lives (barns) will be filled
with plenty, and we will experience our
labor will burst out with new blessings.
Ten years ago, my Husband and I lost
our Business and we have had to
come to living far below what we
use to have. Many days not knowing
how we would pay our bills or even
have a meal on the table.
We have eaten many a Dollar
Hamburgers and that be all
we had for that day.
I want to tell you a
Great Testimony.
Not one time has God failed me.
Somehow, someway, the bills get
paid. I can not even explain how
this has happened over the last
ten years. It is a Miracle before
my eyes each month of how God
supplies all our needs according
to His riches in Glory.
Sister Joy still has a Blessed Hope
that God is going to turn this all
around for us.
But, if He chooses not to,
I say, I am Blessed.
God is Good! He always
takes care of Sister Joy.
I pray over what food I do
have and God Blesses it
to my Body. I do my best
with what I have, and God
takes care of Sister Joy!
Even living far below what I use
to know and have,
Sister Joy can say,
My Barns are Full
Running Over!

There will be times that we
will all need Father God to
correct us.  We are to learn
to accept the chastening of the
Lord and not get hurt or become
weary when we know God is
telling us that something we
did or are doing is not right,
and he correct us and tells
us NO or to STOP doing
what we did or are doing wrong.
If someone was about to step
in front of oncoming car, and we
stopped them and pulled them
back and said NO or STOP, we
would be saving their life.
It is the same with
the Corrections or Chastening
of the Lord. The Holy Spirit
is saving us from
destruction in our life.

Just as a parent shows love in
correction, God show His Tender
Love to us when He corrects us.
There is as much love shown to
us in His Correction as any other
moment in His Presence. God is
actually protecting us as
He corrects us. We must trust
His Decisions of Life,
because Father God knows
what is best for us to or
not to do.

We will grow to know a Happiness
in the Lord, that the world
cannot know, when we grow
 in the Wisdom and Understanding
of the Heartbeat of God. This is
a level of Happiness we call the
Joy of the Lord. The world can
experience happiness but it does
not have the power to last.
The Happiness/Joy of the Lord
is going to be a lasting experience
we will have in our Walk with God.
This Joy of the Lord will be
our Strength and it comes from
learning the Wisdom and
Understanding of the Lord.
So as we grow in Jesus and
keep our eyes on Calvary
and what He did for us there
we will want to grow in our Relationship
with our Heavenly Father.
We grow and become closer to
God when we Pray.
(Talking to God and
Spending time with Him)
We grow and become
closer to God when
we study His Word.
(When we read the Bible
and obey His Word)
We do this not to earn
anything or be seen of man
to look Holy or Religious.
We do this because we
Love God so much we want
to be with Him and Know
Him better.

When we put our
Relationship with God first
we showing our need and
love for God.
As we read and study
God’s Word and we grow to
know His Ways, we will
say in our heart,
God’s Word is of
more value than anything
this world has to offer us.
It is of more value to us
than silver, or the gain of
fine gold. If we were rich in
this life with all the silver and
gold we could wish for, it would
not mean as much to us as
the Word of God. This is another
“Precious Knowing”
that only
a child of God can know.


Proverbs 3: 1-26

“My son, forget not my Law;
but let your heart keep My Commandments.
For length of days, and long life, and peace,
shall they add to you.
Let not mercy and truth forsake you:
bind them about your neck;
write them upon the table of your heart:
So shall you find favour and good
understanding in the sight of God and man.
Trust in the LORD with all your heart;
and lean not unto your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
and He shall direct your paths.
Be not wise in your own eyes:
fear the LORD,
depart from evil.
It shall be health to your navel,
and marrow to your bones.
Honour the LORD with all your substance,
and with the firstfruits of all your increase:
So shall your barns fe filled with plenty,
and your presses shall burst out with new wine.
My Son,
despise not the chastening of the LORD;
neither be weary of His correction:
For whom the LORD loves He corrects;
even as a father
the son in whom he delights.
Happy is the man who finds wisdom,
and the man who gets understanding.
For the merchandise of it is better than
the merchandise of silver,
and the gain thereof than fine gold.
She is more precious than rubies:
and all the things you can desire
are not be compared unto her.
Length of days is in her right hand;
and in her left hand riches and honour.
Her ways are ways of pleasantness,
and all her paths peace.
She is a tree of life to them who
lay hold upon her:
and happy is everyone who retains her.
The LORD by wisdom has founded the Earth;
by understanding has He established
the heavens.
By His knowledge the depths are broken up,
and the clouds drop down the dew.
My son,
let them not depart from your eyes:
keep sound wisdom and discretion:
So shall they be life unto your soul,
and grace to your neck.
Then shall you walk in your way safely,
and your foot shall not stumble.
When you lie down,
you shall not be afraid:
yes, you shall lie down,
and your sleep shall be sweet.
Be not afraid of sudden fear,
neither of the desolation of the wicked,
when it comes.
For the LORD shall be your confidence,
and shall keep your foot
from being taken.”