Jesus is Coming Soon!

Matthew 24: 6-7

“And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars:
see that you be not troubled:
for all these things shall come to pass, but the end is not yet.
For nation shall rise against nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom:
and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.”


As Children of God

We should be able to see that the world as we have known it is changing.
Signs of the time are everywhere.
We are beginning to see the birth pains of the
Lord getting ready to come back and take His Children Home.
He may not come today or tomorrow, but this one thing is for sure,
 Jesus is Coming Soon!

The Question is,

Are we ready to meet the Lord?
There is an old song that is titled,
“It is well with my Soul”.
Sister Joy is asking you,
“Is it well with your soul?”
If Jesus would call you home today, are you ready to meet the Lord?
I am asking us all to take some time and talk to Father God.
If there is anything standing between you and the Lord,
lay it down at your alter of prayer. There is nothing in this old world worth
loosing out with God.
Not houses, or cars, or fame or fortune, should be more important to you
than your personal relationship with Jesus and the Price He Paid for you at Calvary.
The Answer to everything in this life is found in Christ.
God is looking to see where we are placing our Faith.
It should always be in the Blood that Jesus shed.
Only our Faith in the Blood can wash away our sins and keep us in relationship with God.
The Lord will one day call us home. It will be either by the way of the Grave or the Rapture.
When we stand before God, He will look to where we have placed our Faith.
If we think we can lay at His Feet our good works, and God will honor the works of our hands,
we will be sadly wrong. It does not matter where we place our Faith, even if it is in good things we do.
Yes, it is good and necessary to Read God’s Word and Pray and Fast. It is good to help others.
It is good to work and have wisdom to make it in this life. However our faith is never to be in our strength,
our own intellect, or in anything our hands can do, no matter how good it may be.

Exodus 12:21-28

The children of Israel were instructed to apply the blood to the lintel (header) and to the two side posts
of their house. Their Faith was in the Blood applied and that it would protect them.  They had to
obey God. They could not leave any other offering outside and expect protection. 
Nothing else they could have done would have been enough for the death angel to pass over their house.
God promised the destroyer (death angel)  would not come to their house and smite it, if they obeyed Him.
  It is very interesting to note, that the blood applied to the lintel and the two side post formed a perfect Cross.
This once again is the Old Testament looking towards the Cross and the Blood of Jesus, God’s Only Begotten Son.
I have spoken to people that tell me they do not believe in the Blood of Jesus.
They do not like talking about the Blood Sacrifice, as it makes them sick.
There are some people that call themselves “Christians” and do not want to mention
the Blood or the Price Jesus paid at Calvary.

Sister Joy want to tell you if you are one of those people, you are not ready to meet your Maker.
God will not accept you if you do not place you faith exclusively in the Blood that Jesus Shed at Calvary.
The Children of Israel had to obey and place their faith in the Blood Sacrifice.
They had all just seen God move in Great ways in the land of Egypt.
God was going to deliver His People out of the hands of the enemy.
He had told Moses to tell Pharaoh to, “Let His People Go!”
Time and time again, God gave the Egyptians an opportunity to escape the punishment
of trying to hold on to His People.

Now the Egyptians had to make a choice again.
Pharaoh had to either let go of God’s Children or suffer the Death Angel
passing by his home, and the home of all his people in Egypt.
Ultimately Pharaoh decided to continue in rebellion against God and lost the battle, big time.
If God's people would have rebelled against applying the Blood Sacrifice, they too would have suffered
great loss. We have to be willing yesterday, today, and forever to obey the Lord.
God is God. When God Speaks, we need to listen and obey.
Jesus is to be our Saviour and Lord of our lives.
God gave instructions to Moses of what His People needed to do.
The Children of Israel had to obey to be safe in the Hands of God.
They had to apply the Blood to the Door of their homes.
Today, we are to place our Faith in the Precious Blood of Jesus and
Apply it to to Door of our Hearts.

Just as in days of old satan wants to hold us captive
to procivities, situations, temptations, and sins in our lives.
Satan uses our weeknesses to keep us in bondage to him.
He does not want to let go of our us. He wants to hinder our walk and
relationship with the Lord.
Satan does not care how he steels our Faith from us as long as it works.
He knows the only way his hold can be broken on us is by the Blood of Jesus
and our Faith in the Price Jesus paid at Calvary. That is why he fights us
in our minds and hearts to not believe or place our Faith in the Jesus and
the Blood He shed at Calvary.

Jesus was the Perfect Lamb of God and laid down His Life for us to be able to know Salvation.
When we ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins and change us so we can know Him as our Lord,
we experience the Justifying Faith.
(Justification: Just as if we never sinned.)
The Blood of Jesus covers
all our sins, never to be brought us anymore.
Jesus also gave His Life so that we can live our lives for God.
This is the Sanctification Process in our Lives.
We place our Faith in the Blood of Jesus to help us as we
walk through life and all of it’s challenges and trials.
We look to Jesus to help us in every step we take.
This is how we will make it.
Our Faith in anything or anyone else will fail us.
We must keep our eyes on Jesus and our Faith in the Blood of Calvary.
Then we too will see Victory through all the trial we face.

Always Remember!

The destroyer (satan) will not be able to do anything to us that God does not allow or orchestrate. 
Sister Joy has to remind herself of this truth everytime the enemy of my soul comes against me. 
You need to remind yourself of this also. God is in control. He has a plan for our lives.
Our responsibility is, no matter what comes or goes,
we need to always keep our loins girded and our lights burning
for our Lord’s Soon Returning!
Luke 12: 35-36