What Do We Do... When the Pain Won't Stop?

Luke 8: 43-48
"An a Woman having an issue of blood twelve years,
Have you or someone you know had a physical condition for a long time?
Have you or someone you know experienced physical pain and suffering and not known what to do?

which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any.
It is not wrong to go to a Doctor and seek help for our physical conditions. When myself or a family member goes to the doctor we always pray for Father God to lead the doctor to help us the best way he can. However there may come a day that either we ourself, or someone we know will come to a point physically that the doctor will say, "This is all that I can do."  Then we may find ourselves, like this women.  Possibly in more ways than one. We may find ourselves physically still in the same condition, even though we have  seen many doctors. We may even have spend most if not all our money on Doctors as she had. 

Came behind Him, and touched the border of His garment:
and immediately her issue of blood stanched."

In the days of Jesus,  most men wore a mantle that had 4 tassels. The Blue on the tassel represented to Israel is that their help comes from Above and they had a duty to keep the Law. This woman had a great physical need in her life as many of us do even this day.  If we would only look to Jesus and press into his presence until we knew that we had touched the hem of His garment as she did that day.
There is NOTHING that can compare to being in the Presence of the Lord. 
It does not matter if we are hurting physically, financially, or emotionally. We can choose to press into the Presence of God.
We can daily choose to set our affections above which gives us direct access to the Throne Room of God.  It is there where our Faith will grow strong and we find ourselves calm and knowing that we are in His Hands. We there learn to trust "His Timing." If we see the manifications today or when we meet Him face to face, we now are learning to rest in Him to work all things out for our good.  We will know peace and comfort through our darkest hours. Jesus will be right there by our side to hold our hand. 


Look Above! Look Above!
That is where all the answers of life are found!
If we keep our eyes on Calvary and what Jesus did for us there, we will make it.

Sister Joy invites you to come and be with her this Week in the Bible Study titled;

"What Do We Do...When the Pain Won't Stop?"

If at all Possible,
Bring your Bible and follow alone with us into another
Journey into the
Word of God.
You won't leave this Bible Study the same.
Together we will seek the Presence of the Lord.
Our Faith Grows... as we read and study the Bible!