Yielded Vessels

Between the day we gave our hearts to God,
and the day we meet Him
Face to Face,
We are learning how to be
“Yielded Vessels”
unto God.

Let us go into this Bible Study and ask the Lord
to teach us how to live each day
as a “Yielded” Vessel.
It would be so good for us to read all the verses
of Romans Chapter 6.
However for the sake of time,
Sister Joy will be ministering
on just a few verses from this Chapter.

Romans 6: 12-16

“Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body,
that you should obey the lusts thereof.
Neither yield you your members
as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin:
but yield yourselves unto God,
as those who are alive from the dead,
and you members as
instruments of Righteousness unto God.
For sin shall not have dominion over you:
for you are not under the law,
but under Grace.
What then? shall we sin?
because we are not under the Law,
but under Grace?
God forbid.
Know you not,
that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey,
his servants you are to whom you obey;
whether to sin unto death,
or of obedience unto Righteousness?”

When we first give our hearts to God,
we make a decision to do so.
We also have to make a decision to
yield our hearts to live for the Lord.
That is the Sanctification process of our
Personal Relationship with God.
This life of living for God
is not about being
 It is all about being willing to have
a close and personal
 with the Lord.
Learning how to live for God will not
always be easy. However, as we learn to
our will to God’s Will,
 we will experience the power and strength of God
to overcome the battles and trials
of life.

The day we gave our heart to the Lord we were saved.
Can you remember that day?

Sister Joy can. It was a wonderful day!
I felt so clean, so fresh, and so forgiven!
Then the day came when I realized that the
Battle was on. I had no clue that there was
a sin nature that would try to live in this
mortal body of mine,
even after I gave my heart to God.
I had to learn, and am still learning,
how to
Fight the Good Fight of Faith!

The enemy of our soul wants to deceive the child of God
into thinking that we can handle sin. We may not want to
call it sin, as we know sin is wrong. As we "Yield" up to things
in our lives that we know are not pleasing to God, we run the chance
of becoming attached and fond of the areas that we think we
are hiding from the Lord. We may start justifying our thoughts, deeds,
and or actions. We have to see our need to take our weaknesses to the Lord,
and ask Him for strength and wisdom to overcome. We are not strong
or smart enough to stop on our own. We may very well try to
overcome in our own strenght and wisdom, but we need to know
 Jesus has already paid the price for our Victory over every sin and
failure we may make in our daily walk with God.

You may now want to ask,
“Sister Joy, are you saying that sin can live in the lives of a
Child of God after they get saved?”
I would answer you and say,
“Please read the verses of our Bible Study today!
The Bible says for us to not let “SIN”
 reign in our mortal body!
After we give our hearts to the Lord,
it is possible to obey the ungodly lusts that
will result in sin.
As we yield up to the sin nature we will become
weaker and weaker
in our hearts, minds and spirit to overcome
the lusts of the flesh.

Paul was teaching the Romans that it is possible
for a child of God to yield themselves as instruments
of unrighteousness, which again is the sin nature.
This is why we must be willing to
“Yield” to the will and ways of God.

We are studying today of how Paul is teaching the Romans.
He also taught Timothy to understand how he had to,
“Fight the good fight of Faith, lay hold on Eternal Life,
wherefore you are also Called…” (1 Tim. 6:12)

The only fight the Lord tells us to fight,
is the attacks of satan against us.  
The enemy comes to destroy or at least weaken
 our Faith in God in whatever way he can.
We are the Apple of God’s Eye.
Satan desires is to destroy our relationship
with the Lord.

We must understand he will try to put any temptation
and or desire in our hearts and minds to take us down
and cause us to yield to the lusts of the flesh.
The more we yield to sinful thoughts and or actions,
we will become weaker and weaker.

Fight the Good Fight.
To lay hold of “Eternal Life” is to understand
that all our strength comes from God.
We must keep always look to Calvary and what Jesus
did there to have the strength to fight and overcome.

Our Strength Comes From the Lord!

As we “Yield” ourselves to God,
Sin will not have dominion over us.
Sin has a strong pull at our hearts and minds.
Sin will tempt us
to “Yield” to its call.

We are taught that sin has the power to
be fun for a time, a season.
As we “Yield” up to sin, no matter how small,
and give it place in our life, it will grow.
At first, satan will make us believe we can
control the thoughts and deeds we are
allowing to stay in our lives. The sin may not
even look like it is effecting us. But know
this for a fact, it is growing every minute we
 “Yield” up to allowing it to stay. Then the day
will come when we realize it has a hold on us and
we cannot control the sin that we have "Yielded" to.
Sin always takes us farther than we want to go.
The Bible says we will be a servant of whom we
"Yield" ourselves to.

A Good example would be a person that has one drink,
then another, and after some time realizes they are
a alcoholic. They never set out to become an alcoholic, but
the day came that they could not control how much
alcohol they drank.

Before we look at the man that has a drinking problem,
let us turn our eyes back to our own lives.

We all have to learn to
“Yield” ourselves a
Instruments of Righteousness.

Everyday of life will be filled with choices.

As we face these choices we must understand
that we “Yield” our hearts and lives as,

 Vessels of Unrighteousness
Vessels of Righteousness.

We will serve who we choose to “Yield” ourselves too.
The strength we need to “Yield” ourselves to be a
Vessel of Righteousness comes only from our Faith in God.
We must Fight the Good Fight of Faith.

No matter what comes or go’s in this life,
it will be our Faith and Trust in God that will
give us our strength to make it.