Every Promise in Book is Mine!

771 years before Christ Isaiah 9:6 records:

"For unto us a Child is born,
unto us a Son is given:
and the Government shall be upon His Shoulder:
and His Name shall be called
The Mighty God,
The Everlasting Father,
The Prince of Peace."
As this Scripture begins we read "For unto us...". This is referring to Israel, God's Chosen People. Today, each and every Christian that has ask Jesus to come into their heart and forgive them of their sins, you are also a Child of God.  You and I can claim every promise in the Bible for ourselves.  Even Promises God gave to the Children of Israel, we can claim for ourselves.  We may not be an Israelite, but we as Gentiles were grafted in. (Romans 11)  It is by the Blood of Jesus and our Faith in what Jesus did at Calvary, we too can claim all the Promises of God to His Children. Before Christ died for us, the Gentiles could not legally place a claim to the promises of the Children of God Jehovah. The beginning of this verse speaks of the Birth of the Promised Messiah 771 years before the Son of God was born.  The Holy Spirit speaks through Isaiah to God's Chosen People. The Lineage of the Israelites began with a man called Abraham.
The Beginning of God's People
When God called Abraham to separate Himself from his family and his land, God required separation. Abraham's obedience to the Lord was the beginning of God's People. God told Abraham that He (God) would make of him a great Nation, and Bless Him. You can study the life of Abraham in Genesis Chapter 12. Sister Joy wants you to understand that because of the price Jesus paid for you and I at Calvary, today we can lay claim to the Promises of God. What a beautiful blessing of life to get to know our Lord so well we call Him,
Wonderful, Our Counsellor, Our Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace

We Call Him Wonderful!
Even when the circumstances of our lives seem to be completely upside down, and to everyone around us, 
it may look like there is no hope anymore, don't give up! 
Let us a little talk with Jesus. Let us tell Him all about our trouble.
Because just a moment in His Presence we will find Answers to all our needs.  The Lord will hold us in His Loving Arms and take away all our fears of our tomorrows. In His Presence, He will speak peace to our troubled hearts. Father God will assure us like He did Abraham, that He has a plan for our lives and we can trust His ways and will in our lives. We begin to rest in God's Promises and learn to know Him as Wonderful.

We Call Him Counsellor!
In a day and time that seemingly everyone is seeking for counseling from psychiatrists who can only offer human phycology to help us.  No matter how educated man is he is limited. How many people walk away from psychiatrist offices empty, and without the answers to their problems. We have this invitation from God, to come to Him and He will be our Counsellor. 

The Lord awaits us to darken the door of His Presence and look to Him for the needs of life!
There will be times that we cannot understand the "whys" of life. We will be in situations that we need
the Council and Wisdom of God. The Precious Holy Spirit will draw us to the Lord, and we will feel the desire to steel away from all the distractions of life, and be alone with God.  We will begin to know the Presence of the Lord. The same God that created the Universe is the same God that will speak to our hearts.  He will give us counsel and wisdom of how to handle the problems in our lives. We will begin to know Him for ourselves. We will take before Him the impossible, and God will speak to us and show us nothing is impossible for Him. As we grow in our Relationship with the Lord we begin to see just how important it is to know Him as our Counsellor. He wants us to look to Him and what Jesus did for us at Calvary, for all our needs in our lives.

We call Him, Mighty God!
As we live our lives for the the Lord we will see Him moving in our lives and the lives of our family and friends. It is good for us to remember His Blessings and tell others of them. God told Joshua to have each of the twelve tribes to take a rock of remembrance out of the Jordan where God divided the waters for them and their feet stood firm. (Joshua Chapter 4)
We too need to remember when God delivers us from trials of life, impossible situations, and dark days of gloom. God will deliver us like He did Joshua! We need to remember where our feet stood firm.
It is more than just saying, "God is a Mighty God." It is knowing in our Hearts and Souls, "God is a Mighty God."
When those words become a reality we to will remember and we will remind ourselves and our families and other of just how Mighty our God is!

We call Him Everlasting Father!
 God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, has no beginning or end. They have always been.
  In Habakkuk chapter 3 we are told "He stood and measured the Earth...the everlasting mountains were scattered...His ways are everlasting." Creation obeys the Creator! What a lesson this is for us to know to obey Him. God's ways are everlasting. The Lord does not change. Who He was yesterday, He is today and will be the same in all our tomorrows. We can trust God and His Word because He is unchangeable. He is absolutely our Everlasting God, our Everlasting Saviour, Our Everlasting Comfort.  All His Promises are Yea, and Amen! We can totally depend on our Heavenly Father to take good care of us every day of our lives!

We call Him Prince of Peace!
To know Him is to know His Peace.
In this one verse of Isaiah there are so many ways to teach about the Lord.
Today, Sister Joy feels the Holy Spirit wants you to experience the Peace of God.
In Philippians 4:7 we are told,
"And the Peace of God, which passes all understanding,
shall keep your hearts minds through Christ Jesus."
We will never really know the Prince of Peace until we understand that all the answers to all our questions and needs are found at Calvary, where the "Prince of Peace" gave His Life for us. This is a Sanctifying Peace that is beyond human understanding that can only be experienced by a Child of God.
When we are in the middle of the storm and can feel the presence of God taking care of us no matter how hard the wind is blowing or if our ship of life looks like to other it is sinking, we know that we are ok.
Why?  We know the "Prince of Peace"! He has assured us that we are going to make it and we rest because He promised even though we may not understand what is going on, He holds our hearts and minds firm through the Blood that Jesus Shed at Calvary!

What do you call Him?

Sister Joy loves that old song...

"Every Promise in the Book is Mine
Every Chapter, Every Book, Every Line
I am Trusting in His Love Devine
Every Promise in the Book is Mine"