Speak Your Word Lord

"But the Lord said unto me, Say not, I am a child:
for you shall go to all that I shall send you, and whatsoever
I command you you shall speak.
Be not afraid of their faces:
for I am with you to deliver you, saith the Lord.”
Jeremiah 1: 8-9

Have you ever felt like God spoke to you to do something, and the first thing that came to your mind
was why you could not do what the Lord spoke to you to do? Well, you need not feel alone. This is what happened to the Prophet Jeremiah 629 years before Jesus was born.   We all be tested, and face a temptation to draw away from obeying God's Leading.

 We all have a Call on our lives, just as Jeremiah did. Most of us will not be called to be a Prophet. However, whatever our personal calling is, this Call will demand from us our absolute trust in His ways and His leading. Always remember that God does not just simply ask for us to trust His Ways and Leadership, He Commands it.
The Call on our Life will require us to be
Lead by God in Absolute Obedience!

When the Lord speaks His Words into our Hearts with direction and leading, we will too may will tempted to make up some excuse why we cannot obey His Leading. The enemy of our soul, really does not care what excuse we use to disobey the Lord. We may say that we are to old, or too young. We may feel God could use someone else to do a better job that we can. We may answer God with any of many reasons why we can’t do what He has spoke to us to do, just as Jeremiah did.
The enemy of our soul will be sure to whisper in our ears one excuse after another until our faith begins to waiver. Obeying God is never about how we feel emotionally or physically.  It is all about our confidence in Him to trust His ways for what is best in our lives and the lives of His People.

Every child of God will face a battle to obey the Call on their life.
The Call does not come without opposition.
The enemy of our soul has seen us give our heart and life to God.
He has seen us declare that Jesus is the Son of God.
He has heard us ask the Lord to forgive us of our sins.
He now know we want to live a life that is pleasing to our God.
At some point after Salvation, we will enter another level of
our relationship with God.

Just like in a marriage, the beginning of a new relationship is called
the “Honeymoon” experience. However there will come a day when the Honeymoon is over and real life begins. Is that a bad thing? No. We still love each other but real life has its challenges. For a couple to live a healthy life together,  there is a love relationship that must grow in trust and loyalty to one and another. 
In our Love Relationship with the Lord, we can settle in our mind He will never fail us.
However it is the “us” in you and I that will fail Him from time to time.  We need to grow in our relationship
with our Lord. As we grow closer and closer to the Lord, He will begin to speak to us as He did Jeremiah and make known in our spirit man what he is calling us to do.  This precious relationship is what satan wants to steal from us. The enemy of our soul can never again have the relationship that we can have with Father God.
Our relationship of love and trust and obedience with God, is what satan is going to try to take from us. He can't make God stop loving us, so he has to try to make us stop loving and trusting, and obeying God.
Always remember: Satan is a thief, and he is out to steal, kill, and destroy us, and our Faith in God and His Plans for our lives, but Jesus came to give us abundant life. We are guaranteed not just life but abundant life if we will keep our Faith in the price that was paid at Calvary. John 10:10
Now we know that living for God will not be easy, but we will never again be alone. We have Father God, and our Saviour, and the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us each step of the way.  All we have to do is ask
for the help that we need.
In fact it will be at this point in life we will begin to learn how to fight the good fight of faith.
 1 Timothy 6:12
The Lord gave a Command to Jeremiah. God did not ask him but commanded him. God told Jeremiah to go where He told him to go and to say what He told him to say. God told him not to be afraid and God told Jeremiah that He would go with him. Wow, what a promise. This too can be our Promise!

Sometimes I like to think of the Challenges of my life like a football game. There have been times when he tries to back me into a corner (Spiritually Speaking) ... I tell the devil that he is not coming after me , but I am coming after him for trying to take from me the blessings of life that my Lord has promised me.
I've told him that the fight he's now started, God is going to finish!
When our backs are against the wall and it looks like we may not make it we can tell the enemy,
”IT'S ON!”
When the enemy starts a fight for our faith, we can tell him he will wish he hadn't because the battle is not ours, God says the Battle is His. We do not fight our battles alone.  Our Loving God fights them for us,  and the price was already paid for our Victory at Calvary through the Blood of Jesus.

It would do us good to be reminded that satan already has a plan to steal from us the desire to obey the Lord.
 We can take the position to be on the offensive and be ready for his lies and tricks to stop us from obeying God.
We should not wait for him to hit us and knock us down, before we prepare our hearts.  If we will do as God commanded Jeremiah we will learn to rest in the promise that God will tell us what to say and do. We will not have to fear what the face of our enemies as God has promised us that He will deliver us no matter what He has called us to do. We can stand firm and know that He will lead and guide us each step of the way. All we have to do is learn how to listen and obey what He tells us to do.


Sister Joy loves that Old Song,

Speak Your Word Lord

 “Speak Your Word Lord, My Ears long to hear You!
Speak Your Word Lord, my heart aches to Know!
Speak Your Word Lord, and I’ll be what You want me to be.
Speak Your Word Lord, and I’ll go where You want me to go!”