God’s Word Is Alive


Will Never Die

Throughout time there have been
 people that thought they
had the power to destroy the
This Bible Study will take you back
well over 600 years before Jesus
was born to a man
that thought he could destroy
the Bible because he did not like
what God’s Word said.
Many have tried over thousands of
years to destroy God’s Word.
Let it be known,
God’s Word Lives
Will Never Die!

Jeremiah 36: 20-28
“And they went in to the king into the
court, but they had laid up the Roll
in the chamber of Elishama the Scribe,
and told all the Words in the
ears of the king.
So the king sent Jehudi to fetch the Roll:
and he took it out of Elishama the Scribe’s
chamber. And Jehudi read it in the
ears of the king, and in the ears of
all the princes who stood beside the king.
Now the king sat in the winterhouse in
the ninth month: and there was fire on
the hearth burning before him.
And it came to pass, that when Jehudi
had read three or four leaves, he cut
it up with the penknife, and cast it into
the fire that was on the hearth, until
all the Roll was consumed in the fire
that was on the hearth.
Yet they were not afraid, not rent their
garments, neither the king,
nor any of his servants
who heard all these Words.
Nevertheless Elnathan and Delaiah
and Gemariah had made intercession
to the king that he would not burn
the Roll: but he would not hear them.
But the king commanded Jerahmeel
the son of Hammelech, and Seraian
the son of Azriel, and Sherlemiah the
son of Abdeel, to take Baruch the Scribe
and Jeremiah the Prophet:
but the Lord Hid them.
And the Word of the Lord came to
after that the king had burned the Roll,
and the Words which Baruch wrote at
the mouth of Jeremiah, saying,
Take you again another roll,
and write in it all the
former Words
that were in the first Roll,
which Jehoiakim the king
of Judah has burned.”

Lets try to just imagine we are
there watching this scene unfold.
The king (Jehoiakim) and
his princes
was in his winterhouse.
There is a beautiful large fire
in the fire place.
Nice and cozy warm.
Because Jerusalem is almost a
half mile above sea level,
it was most probably very cold.
Jehoiahim was most probably sitting
 in a beautiful home awaiting
to hear what the Lord had to
say to him and his princes
concerning the prophesies
of the future of the Kingdom
that he ruled. The king and
the princes wanted to hear
feel good words. However feel
good words were not what
God had instructed Jeremiah
to give to the king.  

Let us back up just a little bit
before we continue. God used
a man and called him into the
roll of a Prophet. This man was
Jeremiah. Yes, God had many He
used to pen the Bible. In today’s Bible
Study we will see God
use Jeremiah and Baruch to
preach and teach the people of that day.
If you would read the scriptures
before where we are studying,
you will read of how
Barach was called by God to
assist Jeremiah in Ministry.
In fact you will read of how
just a little while before the
scene we are studying now,
Barach was in the Lord’s House
reading God’s Word to the People.
God was warning them of the sin
that would soon bring judgement
if the people would not repent
and turn from their wicked ways.
These very Words were out of the
Book of Jeremiah. The very Words
we read today.
Now there was a man named Michaiah
that heard God’s Word being read
in the House of the Lord.
He went and to the King’s House
and told all the princes of the
Words of the Lord.
They sent a man (Jehudi)
 to go get Baruch and the Roll,
which he had read to all the people. The princes
wanted to hear the
Words of Jeremiah for themselves.
So Baruch came, and sat down and
read to them the Bible.
The Words brought fear into their hearts.
The Words from God said that both Jerusalem
and Judah would face great judgement if they
would not repent of the sin that was going
on in their hearts of the people in
 Judah and Jerusalem.
We must alway know that God’s Word
is as a two edged sword.
We can choose to change when we
hear from God, or we will choose to
find another feel good word, that will
allow us to continue in the sins that
so easily beset us and destroy our lives.
After hearing God’s Word read to them,
the Princes could only imagine what the
king was going to do about this situation.
Now, God had warned the People
and God had warned the king’s princes
that helped him rule in Judah.
Now God’s Word would go before the king
of Judah. What will he do with the
Word of God?

The Princes also feared for the very lives of
Jeremiah and Baruch. The Princes told them
to go and hide and let no man know where
they were. They fear some that heard
would try to hurt and bring harm to them.

Let us now go back to that cold winter day.
The king was in his winterhouse, sitting by a
large warm beautiful fireplace.

the king had already had the Words of
Jeremiah told to him but now he calls
Jehudi to go and get the Roll.

Now we see all the princes standing by
the king as Jehudi began to read
the Words of Jeremiah out of the Roll.
Jehudi had only read 3 or 4 leaves.
The Word of God began to make the king
so mad that he commanded God’s Word
to be cut and then thrown into the fire
of the fireplace before them.
At this point in time the princes nor the
king feared the Lord. instead of repentance
for the sin in their land,
we see them rebel against God’s Word.
A few men tried to intercede to the
king not to burn God’s Word.
But the king would not hear them.

The king somehow thought that his
attempt to destroy God’s Word would
change the judgement to come.
The only thing that could have changed
his future was for the king to repent and
call his princes and people to follow his example.
We read in the next few verses that God
had Jeremiah and Baruch to rewrite the
very Words in the Book of Jeremiah that
man thought he could destroy. In fact
there were even more added to what
had been already written.

Throughout all the years,
the Bible has stood the test of time.
God did not allow His Words to be
destroyed in the yesterdays and He
will never allow His Word to be
destroyed in our todays or tomorrows.

Today many think they can just lay aside
God’s Word and speak with their mouths
words of unbelief in the pages of the Bible.
Just because a man or woman chooses to
say they do not believe in God’s Word,
does not make the Bible any less Powerful
and true. One might think they can destroy
their Bibles and never answer to the truth
that the Holy Spirit lead men to put to pen.
Let it be known that the Words written by
the God of all Creation, will never stopped
by the hands of many in any way.

Sister Joy wants all that have laid their
Bibles on a shelf somewhere, to go get
your Bible. Dust it off. Get alone with God
again, like you use to do many years ago.
Do not run from God anymore. God is
calling you back to himself. Repent
of all your sins and ask God to forgive
you.  Do not be as king Jehoiakim
and try to destroy the Word of God.
When we turn our backs on God’s Words
He spoke in the Bible to those of old,
we are doing the same as they did.
Judah and Jerusalem had allowed the
sins and ways of others to come into
their lives and influence them to take
part in and commit sins that displeased
God. God’s Word is just as powerful today
as it was the day that it was written. Yes,
God used men to put it to pen, but
every person that wrote the Bible
 was lead by the Holy Spirit
to teach us God’s Will and Way
for us to live for Him.

You may think you have done
something to bad or wrong.
You may think God is done with
you and doesn’t love you anymore.
If you are reading these words,
you can know for a certainty that
God is calling you back to himself.
Even if you destroyed your Bible.
Maybe you did something as awful
as king Jehoiakim did. Maybe you
tore God’s Word up or threw God’s
Word in the Fire.

Know this!
God will forgive you if you ask Him to.
All that God wanted is for Jehoiakim to
ask for forgiveness and turn from the sin
that he and the people were doing.
God loved him so much that He was
giving His people another chance to
come back to Him. Even after the king
has destroyed the Words in the book
of Jeremiah, God rewrote the Words so
the people could read them again and
turn from the sin in their lives.
God is calling us today the same way.
God loves you so much that He forgives
all that you have done wrong.

The princes at first shook from fear when
they heard the Words of God. They were
good to warn Jeremiah and Baruch to hide
from the king. But hearing God’s Word and
not repenting is not enough. The same
princes stood with the king when he
had the Bible cut and thrown in the fire.
The Bible says neither the king or any of
his servants feared God that day. If when
we feel the Spirit of God drawing us to
Him we do not repent our hearts become
harder and harder against what is right
and true. It might one day become so hard
that we will hear God’s Word and not
be willing to repent but then we will
be rebellious against God and His Word.
Today is the Day of Salvation.
Today is the Day of Repentance.
Today God is calling you to Himself.

Sister Joy pleads with all those that
once knew the Lord and had a
Personal Relationship with Him.
Go get your Bible, dust it off and
get alone with God and talk to Him.
God wants to help you while there
is still time to repent.
Jesus is coming back so soon.
Sister Joy loves you and wants
you to know that God loves you
no matter what you have done.
God is Calling all of us into
His Presence!

If by chance you have never received
Jesus into your heart, please go to the
Salvation section of my Website.
I will pray with you and together we
will go before our God and repent.
God is also calling you. He loves you
more than my words can express.
If you do not have a Bible,
contact Sister Joy and I will make
sure you get a Bible.

God is Waiting for us to simply
talk to Him. Are we going to
be Obedient? We are talking
about Eternity. Your Eternal
Soul is in your decision today.
Sister Joy is here to help you.
Just contact us through the