Watch and Pray

Isaiah 62:6-7

“I have set watchmen upon your
walls, O Jerusalem,
which shall never hold their peace
day or night:
your who mention of the LORD,
keep not silence.
And give Him no rest,
till He establish,
and till He make Jerusalem
a Praise in the earth.”

Jerusalem was in great need
of Restoration. God’s people
had made some very bad choices
in their lives that had cost
many years of pain and sorrow.
Sin always has a price tag, and
that price will always be more
than we are willing to pay. Sin will
always take us farther than we
want to go. Just in case we ever
find ourselves in the clutches of
the enemy, remember this.

Father God is calling us back
to His Loving Arms, and many
times it is another,
God is using to
stand on the Wall,
Watching and Praying
 for your soul.


As children of God we need
to always be aware of the
fight for souls.
 Our soul, and the soul of
every other Child of God.
The enemy is always
very aware. He has his plan
to kill, steal, and destroy
every seed of Faith that a
Child of God has in heart.
Satan is not a respecter of
persons. It does not matter if
you are a Baby Christian or
a Seasoned Christian,
he does whatever works
to destroy your walk with God.

With that said, we can see
not only is it good for others
to watch and pray for us,
 we need to also heed the
calling to stand on the wall,
and watch and pray for others.

As we yield our lives to
the will of God, He will
lead and guide us of
how to watch and pray.
God may use you one way
to watch and pray, and
use Sister Joy another way.
However let us all be
willing to hold each other
up in the Spirit of Prayer
to finish the race and make
Heaven our Eternal Home.

Many many years ago
we the Lord brought
a woman into our lives that
to this day I have never
 forgotten. She was truly
a woman of prayer. There
were times I would see her
 praying for people and
she would pray with
one eye open and
one eye closed. Other
times she closed
both eyes and prayed.
Me being the curious person
 I am, I ask her why
she prayed this way.
She said she always wanted
to be ready to fight the
enemy. It seemed kinda
funny at the time and
we all laughed together.
However this precious sister
in the Lord was a seasoned
Woman of God. She had
walked many miles ahead of
me and I knew she had
her reasons that she prayed
the way she did, and I truly
respected her for sharing
that with me.

We do not need to be
busy bodies in other peoples
lives to be a watchman on
the wall. Remember when you
are watching and praying for
yourself and others, it is
hard to come down, out of
watching and praying, and
be in other people business.
Although there may be times
the Holy Spirit will lead you
to go and talk to someone,
more times than not, He will
call you to pray for them.
Not to call and gossip to
others about them, but you
go to the Lord and watch
and pray for their soul.
Do not allow the enemy to
trick you into becoming a
tool of his to hurt God’s
Children. The call to
Watch and Pray is a
serious call.
We are to never stop
day or night to watch
and pray. Every time
the Holy Spirit calls us
to prayer and we begin
to pray for ourself or
another we are watching
and praying. Sometimes
it will be in the middle of
the night, other times we
may feel the Presence of
God calling us to pray
as we walk down the
grocery aisle, and have
to go to our car and pray.
We need to always be
open and sensitive to
the Voice of the Lord.
As we have our Daily
times of Prayer we
Stand on the Wall as
 Watchmen in the Spirit.
We are to have an
awareness of the
Holy Spirit at all times.
The Holy Spirit lives in
our hearts and minds.

As a Watchman on
the Wall, we are to
always, without ceasing,
never hold our Peace
to call out to our God
on our own behalf or
on the behalf of others.
We are to have an
resolute to never keep
silent but be will to
watch and pray just as
the Watchmen on the
Wall in Isaiah’s Days.

The Watchmen on the
Walls in the days of
Isaiah were always
calling out to God’s
People of any danger
that they see coming.
Are we willing to
watch and pray and
call out any
Spiritual Danger we see
 coming against our
friends and loved ones?

There have been many
times that Sister Joy
has seen a precious
Child of God going
towards danger in
their walk with God.
The Holy Spirit
would call me to
Watch and Pray for
that person. Many times
that person never even
knows that Sister Joy
is praying for them.
I have seen the Lord
move in their lives and
save them from the
wiles of satan’s plans.
However, whatever the
outcome, I leave it with
the Lord. It may at times
look like prayer did not
work. Always remember
God hears all our prayers.
When we pray and intercede
we give latitude to the
Holy Spirit to work in
the lives of ourselves
and others lives. We will
not always see with out
eyes how the Lord is
dealing with others…
But be assured, when the
Holy Spirit calls us to
Stand on the Wall
Watch and Pray for
ourselves or someone else,
God is doing a work
in our lives!
We are to Pray and leave
the outcome with the Lord.

This Bible Study is to once
again make us aware of
our call to
Watch and Pray
and be a
Watchmen on the Wall.
Ministers especially should
be Watchmen on the Wall
for the Children of God
under their Ministry.
all of God’s Children should
be willing to
Watch and Pray
for each other.
Let us not have Rest
until we Establish the
call to help each other
to stand on the Spiritual
Wall of Life,
and Watch and Pray
for each other.


Sister Joy loves
that old song,

It Will Be Worth It All

It Will Be Worth It All
When We See Jesus
Life’s Trials Will Seem
So Small
When We See Christ
One Glimpse of His
Dear Face
All Sorrow Will Erase
So Bravely Run The Race
Till We See Christ

Sometimes The Sky
Looks Dark
Without A Ray of Light
We’re Tossed And Driven On
No Human Help In Sight
But There Is One In Heaven
Who Knows Our
Deepest Care
Let Jesus
 Solve Your Problems
Just Go To Him
In Prayer.