God's Glory

Departs From the Temple


Just before we read our text,
Sister Joy wants us to ask ourselves,
"When was the last time you remember
experiencing the Presence of God?"
 I want us to examine our Spiritual Hearts,
 because it is possible
for the Presence of God to depart from His Children.
The question may be asked,
"Why would God so choose to depart from a Church or an Individual?"
The answer to that question and many more are in God's Word.
In this Bible Study we will once again look into the Heart of the Lord.


Ezekiel 10: 4 & 18

"Then the glory of the LORD went up from the Cherub,
and stood over the threshold of the house; and the house
of was filled with the cloud, and the court was full of the
brightness of the LORD'S glory."
"Then the glory of the LORD departed from off
the threshold of the house,..."


 We have studied in prior Bible Studies of how God's people had been taken into Captivity by Babylon because of their rebellion against God.  For many years the Lord called and sent Prophets to Judah and Jerusalem to preach and warn His people of the coming judgment,  if they would not repent and turn from their evil ways. We read of Isaiah and Jeremiah and many more Prophets that preached to ears that would not hear and hearts that did not want to repent and turn from sin. They did not believe the warnings, that the judgment of God would come to His Own people  because of their rebellion against the heart of their God.  Sounds kinda like our country, doesn't it.  Jeremiah preached and cried out to Jerusalem approx. 20 years, and in a very discouraged time in his life,
the Lord led Him to the Potter's House Experience. Then somewhat encouraged Jeremiah preached another 20 years with the same results. The multitudes of the children of God nor their Leaders wanted to hear the truth of the Word of the Lord.  God loved His people so much that He kept using men like Jeremiah to cry out and tell the people if they would only obey Him, and not walk in the imaginations of their own evil hearts and if they would repent and turn from their wicked ways, they would not have to experience the coming judgment of God. Jeremiah told us that even the Pastors of that day (Leaders) had become brutish and did not seek the Lord, and because of that their flocks were scattered. God's Children no longer wanted or valued "Him or His Ways".
As a whole the children of Israel wanted to be like the world around them in their everyday lives,
and in their worship of other gods.
Let us always remember, Whoever or whatever means more to us than God, we will one day become a servant to. Just as the people in Jeremiah's day. 
They became servants and captives to the very people they chose over the Lord.
Let us see a life lesson here. God will never make us serve Him.
It is our choice. We can serve God or we will serve another.
In a last attempt to fight off Babylon, they looked again to Egypt for their help.
How many times have we looked to another person, or situation to deliver us?
Well, Egypt failed to deliver them from Babylon. They were not strong enough to fight the enemy of God's people. We need to learn from this. No one back then, or today is or ever will be strong enough
to fight and deliver us from the enemy of our souls.
Israel should have put their Faith in the Lord to deliver them!
Today, we should only put our Faith in the Lord to deliver us!

Fast forward to Ezekiel. This Prophet had now been in Captivity for at least 5 years.
The false prophets were prophesying of the overthrow of Babylon, and telling
God's people that their situation was going to turn around soon.
The sad truth was they had itching ears to hear lies told to them by false prophets.
It is the same today. Too many of God's people have itching ears,
and only want a feel good message preached to them.
Many do not want to hear the Voice of the Lord.

God gave Ezekiel another message to give to His people.


In Ezekiel 10:4 we read about how God's Glory went from the Cherub, and stood over the threshold of the house. The threshold was the entrance of the House of the Lord. The Bible says, ..."and stood over the threshold..."
When I read this earlier today I just began to weep before the Lord and I am still weeping as I deliver my heart to you. Can we for one moment in our minds eye just try to take in our Spirit, what Ezekiel saw when he wrote about how the Glory of the LORD stood over the threshold of House of God? 
When studying this verse my Pastor said,
"It is as if He does not want to go..."  
My hearts is broken as I read and realize the Love Father God has for us .
Father God is so great and so wonderful, and so loving!
  Back in Ezekiel's days, God's people had rejected Him and His Will for their lives.
God did not want to leave them, but He had no choice ,because they did not any longer want Him in their lives.
Sister Joy has visited so many churches in the last few years and seemingly
many of these so called "Houses of God" are the same way as in Ezekiel's Day.
The Glory of God is gone and they do not even know it.
Just as in Ezekiel's Day, they have their "false teachers" teaching everything is going to be ok.
However, the Presence of God is no longer with them.
As we continue to read in v-4 we read, "...and the house of was filled with the cloud, and the court was full of the brightness of the LORD'S glory."  I remember times in my own life that I have experienced the Presence of God in such Power that it was like a Cloud in our midst. Others and myself were so hungry for the Glory of God that we experienced His Glory in a great way! These times only come when children of God desire the Presence of God.
We have to be very careful not allow our lives to get so involved in this old world and its pleasures, or let the cares of this life snuff out the desire in our hearts to be in the Presence of God.  We have to place Great Value on our Relationship with God. We need to constantly choose to pour ourselves into His Presence and as we do, our Faith will grow and we then can remain strong against all the evils that will try to destroy our relationship with the Lord.  We learn we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.
Can you just picture this? 
God is leaving the Temple.
He does not want to leave.
Can you for just a minute think about how His Heart was hurt and broken by His own Children? 
How many times has Sister Joy or you, brought pain and or hurt to the Heart of our Lord.
And at the same time the Lord does not want to depart, but stands over the threshold of our heart waiting
for us to surrender to Him again God wants us to let Him wrap His Arms around us and let His Glory shine so bright that all rebellion and sin has to go! 
Would we be willing to repent or will we be as the children in Ezekiel's day?  The Bible said that
His Presence stood over the threshold and His Glory was so bright, it was like a cloud filled the House of God!
Over and over and over and over God has called out to His people,
and they have rejected Him over and over and over and over.
What choice will we make today?
Then in verse 18 we read the sad words,
"Then the glory of the LORD departed rom off the threshold of the house..."
While the people were listening to the words of the false prophets telling them all was going to be ok,
The truth was, the Glory of God was leaving them!

Children of God,
Examine your hearts.  Are you right with God?
"It is Well, With My Soul."
Is it well with your soul?
How long has it been since you have been with the Lord in such a way
that you have experienced His Glory in your midst?
Let us ask the Lord to make us Hungry for His Presence.

Sister Joy knows the Lord is Calling you and drawing you into a deeper walk with Him.
To some God is saying, "Come home my child."
 The Lord wants us to know He is still lingering close to our hearts and wants us to
know how much He loves us. 
God does not want to depart from our Presence.
He wants us to again invite Him to stay and be Lord of our Lives.
This Bible Study is all about Eternity.
There are some that need to repent and get right with God.
Do it now.
There are others that need to feel the Presence of God again.
 All we have to do is ask Him for what we need.
Do it now.
God is waiting at the Threshold of your relationship with Him!
You can enter right now into the Presence of God.
You can feel and experience His Glory right now.
We are never the same after we have been with Our Lord!

Sister Joy loves that Old Song,

"Oh, How I Love Jesus!
Oh, How I Love Jesus!
Oh, How I Love Jesus!
Because He First Loved Me!"