Merry Christmas!

I Believe...

Jesus is the Son of God!

Christmas is upon us and many Christians do not even know what they Believe!
As a child of God it is very important to know what we believe.
There is an old saying, 
"If we do not stand for something,  we will fall for anything."
In this Bible Study Sister Joy is going to try to help us create a foundation of
what we believe.
It is amazing if we would ask the average Christian the question,
"You say you are a Christian so, what do you believe?
Many say,
"I believe what my Church teaches."
That then begs the question,
"What exactly does your church teach?"
"My pastor is a great teacher. I believe what he teaches us."
"What exactly does your Pastor teach?"
Someone might even say,
"Sister Joy, I believe what the Bible teaches us."
This is good. We should believe what the Bible teaches us.
(I should say the KJV of the Bible) 
We need to be very careful to which version of the Bible we read.
Some  change the words in the Bible to the point
 the scriptures loose their true meaning.          
I always love to hear a person tell me they believe in all of the Word of God.
I love to hear Children of God say, "If the Bible says it, I believe it!"
However, Let Sister Joy ask you, What do you believe that the Bible has taught you?
Maybe you would say,
"Sister Joy, I really do not know what I believe as a Christian. I know I love God.
I have accepted Jesus as my Savior, and I know I am saved, but that is about it."
That is a great place to start and this is a great Bible Study for you!
Maybe you would say,
"Sister Joy, I need a refresher on what I believe and where to find it in the Bible.
It has been a long time since I just look into the Bible to study about what I believe as a Christian."
This would be a great Bible Study for you too!
Maybe you would say,
"Sister Joy, I have not accepted Jesus as my Saviour, but I want to. I would like to know what the
Bible says about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I want to know how to be a Christian
and I want learn about what it means to be a Child of God. I want to know what God wants me to believe."
This is absolutely the Bible Study for you!

In this Bible Study we will study about what should believe as a Son or Daughter of God.
Christmas is the time when Christians remember the Birth of Jesus.
As Christians we should celebrate Jesus all year long!
We Believe the Bible is  Absolutely 100% true, and;
Come join us for this exciting Bible Study.
Get your Bible, a Pen and Paper, and steel away somewhere alone with the Lord.
Together we will study God's Word and we will not leave this
Bible Study the same. We will learn or refresh our hearts with
the knowledge of what we believe as a Child of God!
After this Bible Study, when you are asked, "What do you believe?"
You will be able to say, "
I believe....and this is where it is found in the Bible."

When asked, “What do you believe?”
The Answer is, “ I believe there is only one True God that co-exists in three persons.
Father God, and His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe there is only One True God. God is eternally co-existent in three persons.
God the Father.
God the Son.
God the Holy Spirit.
Deuteronomy (The fifth Book of Moses)  6:4 “Hear O Israel: the LORD our GOD is one LORD.”
The word (one) in Hebrew means compound unity and  in this verse implies trinity)
Matthew 28:19 “ Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”
In the Old Testament we read how Moses gives clear teaching who the Children of God.
We as Christian too serve one God that co-exists in three persons.
Father God, Our Saviour ~ Jesus Christ, and Gods Spirit ~the Holy Spirit.
In the New Testament Matthew continues with the same teaching.

When asked, “Do you believe Jesus is the Son of God?”
The Answer is, Absolutely! I believe Jesus was born of a Virgin. Matthew 1:23 “Behold, a Virgin shall be with Child, and shall bring forth a Son, and they shall call His Name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.” (Also can read Luke 1:31-35)
No other has ever been born of a Virgin. Any other person, or another god, (god with a little “g” because truly there is no other God save Father God, Son, and Holy Spirit), and movie or show on television that makes claims to one being born of a virgin is blasphemy and we have no place to listen to or watch the like. There is only one that was born of a Virgin. Jesus the Son of God!

When asked, “Do you really believe Jesus lived a sinless life?”
The Answer is, Absolutely, I believe Jesus never sinned and lived a sinless life! 1 Peter 2:22 “Who did no sin, neither was guile found in His mouth.” Our Saviour never sinned in deeds or in words He spoke. Jesus was the only human being that ever lived a sinless life. He is the only perfect example we have to follow. Every other person has made mistakes, sinned, and fallen short of the Glory of God. Jesus, our Saviour, the Son of God, Never Sinned.

When Asked, “Do you believe in Miracles?”
The Answer is, Absolutely I believe in Miracles!

When Asked, “Do you believe in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues?”
The Answer is, Absolutely, I believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and we will know the Holy Spirit abide in us when we receive the initial physical evidence of Speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance.
Acts 2:22 “And suddenly there came a sound from Heaven as of a rushing might wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.” This truly a Miracle for the Holy Spirit to come as Jesus promised He would! The Holy Spirit came as cloven tongues of fire and sat upon each one of them and they all began to speak with other tongues!
Acts 2:4 “And they were filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” (Read the entire book of Acts! It’s Great!)

When asked, “Do you believe in Healing?”
The Answer is Absolutely!  I believe that God Heals today just as He did in the Bible.
In John 14:12 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He who believes on Me, the Words that I do shall he do also; and greater Works than these shall He do; because I go unto my Father.”  Let’s keep going (v-13) And whatsoever you shall ask in My Name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” (v-14) “ If you shall ask anything in My Name, I will do it.” (As long as it lines up with the will of God and who He is.) This begs the question, “If we will do greater than what Jesus did while He lived on this earth, what did Jesus do?”  A few verses of what Jesus did is in:
Matthew 8:16 “…they brought unto Him many who were  possessed with devils: and He cast out the spirits with His Word, and healed all who were sick.:” Jesus healed Spiritually and Physically.
The Bible is full of Healing and Miracles in the Old and New Testaments. One day for your personal time alone with the Lord you should try to look up all the Miracles and Healing in the Word of God. Just be aware, it might take you a little longer than a day! God is so good!

When asked, “Do you really believe Jesus died for our sins? Do you believe Jesus was buried and then He was Resurrected from the Dead. And after Jesus was Resurrected He was seen of more than 500 people at one time and He was seen of Peter and Paul and the 12?  
And then Ascended to the Right Hand of Father God?
The Answers are, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!
1 Corinthians 15:3-? Aw, read it all! Great Chapter!
“For I delivered unto you first of all which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, (Ps.22:15 speaking of the Cross of Jesus)
and that He was buried,
and that He rose again the third day according to the scriptures,
and that He was seen of Cephas (Peter), then of the Twelve, After that He was seen of above five hundred Brethren at once; …
Mark 16:19 “So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, He was received up into Heaven, and sat down on the right Hand of God.
The work of Redemption was now complete.

When asked, “Do you believe that Jesus is coming back to earth?”
The Answer is, Absolutely! I believe Jesus is coming back to earth and we are to be looking for His Coming! Revelations 22:12 “And behold, I come quickly; …”(means He will come suddenly)

When asked, “What do you believe pleased God?”
The Answer is, Absolute Faith in Jesus and what He did for us at Calvary!”
Life has many ups and downs. Everyday life has challenges that we must face. When the Lord looks into our hearts, He is looking to see if our Faith is secure in Him. No matter what comes or goes, God has a plan for our lives. Jesus paid a great price that we may have eternal life. God gave His Son to die on Calvary so that we could accept Jesus into our hearts and desire to change from the sinner we were, to be a new creation. We are now sons and daughters of God by the Blood Jesus shed on the Cross. We are now Justified, meaning all the past sins are just as if they never happened in the eyes of God! Wow! What a God we Serve. Now as we experience the daily trials of life we can get to know Him as our Sanctifier. That means we can learn to now live for the God we have accepted in our hearts. We are Sanctified at the same place we are Justified. Meaning, the Cross saved us, and it will be at the Cross were we learn to live for God. Everyday we will have to face situations that will try to destroy our Faith in God. Always remember the same place we accepted Jesus as Saviour of our Lives is the same place we go to learn to live for Him. All our Victories are through the Blood of Jesus.

Well Praise the Lord! Now we can go through this Christmas Season and feel so much closer to the God we Serve. We have Absolute Truths we can live by in the Word of God. Our Schools and Colleges are teaching our Children that there are no Absolute Truths that they can live by. The Word of God says different. Oh, how I love Jesus. We could do this Bible Study and never stop! Praise the Lord! Jesus is no longer a baby in a manger. He is Risen and Coming Back for us soon! Will we be ready for his Return? If you have no accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour go to the Salvation Prayer and Pray with Sister Joy. The most important part of this Bible Study is that we Absolutely know that our heart is right with God. You can absolutely know right now by repenting of all yours sins. I do not know your heart or what you need to talk to the Lord about. You pray and tell God in the Name of His Son, Jesus all about what you need to be forgiven for. Prayer is simply talking to God in Jesus Name. Go on now, you talk to God. As you pour out your heart to Him, He will listen and the Holy Spirit will help you know you are Saved!
What a Merry Christmas we can have with the Lord! It is the time we Celebrate the Birth of our Saviour.
There is no better Gift, we could we give to our God, than our hearts and lives!

Sister Joy Love that old song,

"I Believe in the Cross"

“I Believe in the Cross!  I Believe in the Cleansing Blood!
I Believe in a Hill Called Calvary, Where Jesus Died for You and Me.
I Believe that He Lives, and that He’s Coming Back Again.
Every Knee Shall Bow, and Every Tongue Confess.
This I Believe!

I believe He was born in a manger bed
As the stars shone bright that night,
Wise men came to Worship Him
With their gifts of pure delight.
I believe He was born of a virgin birth,
Miraculous, yet true
I believe this Holy Child grew up to be
The Deliverer for me and you.
I believe in His Power to heal the sick,
Cause the blinded eyes to see
I believe all hell has to lose it’s hold
When He sets the demoniac free,
I believe that He walked on the roughest sea
Multiplied food to eat,
I believe that He’s given us the Power to use
His Name with Authority."
(Nancy Harmon)