The Lord Alone,

 Declares The Future

Isaiah 41: 21-24

“Produce your cause,
says the LORD,
bring forth your strong reasons,
says the King of Jacob.
Let them bring them forth,
and show the former
what shall happen:
let them show the former
things, and what they be,
that we may consider them,
and know the latter end of them;
or declare us things for to come.
Show the things that are to come
hereafter, that we may know
that you are gods: yes, and
do good, or do evil, that we may
be dismayed, and behold it together.
Behold, you are of nothing,
 and your work of nought:
an abomination is he who
chooses you.”

As we ponder in our lives
what our tomorrow will bring,
we must always be aware that
our Heavenly Father wants us
to have a deep “Knowing” in
our hearts that,
Our God Holds our Future
in His Hands.

The Children of Israel had a
continuous problem with wanting
to go their own way. They wanted
to serve other “gods” along with
the One Only True God.
We see Father God, in the verses
above reaching out once again to
remind His People that He alone
Holds their future in His Hands.
We too should read these verses
and take the Very Words of God
to heart.
God tells them to,
produce their cause and
bring forth their strong reasons.
The Children of Israel were living in
Idolatry. Meaning, they were guilty
of listening to and the worship
of other “gods”
or idols, or idol/gods.
These idol/gods claimed
they knew and had wisdom
for God’s People.
Idols/gods being anyone or
anything that stands between
us and God.  
The idols/gods would speak into
the lives of the
Children of God and give them
direction and or instruction,
 and even claim to tell the
Children of God,
 of future events
contrary to the
True Word of God.
Verses 22-24 tells us just
what God thinks of these
other “gods” and or idols,
and what they
claim to be. In verse 24
God very plainly says,
“Behold, you are of nothing,
and your work of nought:
an abomination is he who
chooses you.”
This tells us that we
are to be careful who
we listen to. Also, we
are to be very careful
what we say to others
as, “Thus saith the Lord.”
We are to be a vessel
God can use for His Glory.
Do not allow the enemy to use
you to be a person that speaks
words from the enemy to another.
Whether you speak kind,
or unkind words, if
they are not from the
Lord, you are speaking
 lies to God’s People. You
are speaking as an idol/god
and the Lord will hold us
  accountable for every word
we speak to His People
about their yesterdays,
 todays, and or tomorrows.
Father God wanted His
People to serve Him,
and Him alone. God will not
 share His Glory with anyone
or any other “god” and or “idol”.

Just as He spoke to His People
so many years ago through
Isaiah, God is speaking to us
today. It is easy for us to read
these verses and say in our
hearts, how foolish they were
for not listening to God and
obeying Him and Him alone.
Let us look into how the
Word of God can apply to
our own lives.
The Children of Israel were
facing uncertain days. Their
Country was decided over
what was right and wrong.
Sounds like many
Countries and Nations today.
They had fallen away from
the sincere and precious
Love of God, they once knew.
Again, this can and does apply
to many Christians today.
Not only were they not serving
God as they once did, many (or
should we say most) had no
desire to serve God anymore.
Sister Joy has meant so many
people that have lost their
1st Love, and turned away
from the Love of God. What
is so sad to me, is they say
they have no desire to live
for God anymore. They say,
they are happier now
than when they were
serving God.
(we know they are not)
God is today
calling His Children back
to His Arms. We can pray
that the Holy Spirit draw
them back to the
Love of God. We are to
be His Hands extended.
When the Lord sent
His Prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah,
and so many more men of God,
to warn the Children of God
 of the errors of
their decisions, they would not
receive God’s Word. They wanted
a, “New Way”
that would not limit
the desires and ambitions
 of their own hearts.
Possibly they turned to
serve “idols/gods” because
 of the pains of life. Whether
it was financial, emotional and or
physical, God would have helped
them, and God alone.
He gave His People
in the Old Testament the
Answer to their needs, and
God is speaking to us today.

Though God will never make
His Children obey His Words,
He does remind us that the
only way to Victory is in Him,
and God alone.
We are not puppets with
a Puppet master.
We are given each day
a free will to choose
the right or wrong
road we will walk.
Sister Joy is so thankful that
today we live on the other
side of the Cross. We know
that God made a way through
the Blood of Jesus for us to
live for Him.
Not only did God Walk with us
Yesterday, He is Walking with
us Today. Not only is God
walking with us Today,
God is in Our Tomorrows.
Our Future is in
the Hands of God, and
no other!  
No matter what other
people say about us and our
future, as a Child of God,
God and God alone holds our
Future in His Hands.
No matter what  
the circumstances of life
we are facing,
God and God alone
holds our Future in
His Hands.
Father God is the Same,
Yesterday, Today, and Forever.
God does not change.
God wants us to know that
all our tomorrow are in
His Hands.
Our Future is not controlled by
our enemies or the devil himself.
Oh, it may look like it is at times.
Possibly in our Yesterdays we
looked “Blessed” and today
we may not be perceived
by others as “Blessed”.
If we are a Child of God,
we are just as “Blessed”
today as we were yesterday.
Circumstances will come in
all our lives that will
be a test of our Faith
in God and His Love for us.
No matter what comes into
the life of an individual,
God has allowed it to come.
With that said, we hold
on to the promises of God.
Just as we should always
be aware and have a deep
“Knowing” that God holds our
Lives, Past Present and Future,
in His Hands, we are to stay
aware of how the enemy will
send situations and or people
to speak against the will of
God for our
Past Present and Future.
These little idol/gods will try
to take the place of the
Only True God in our Life.
We need to always have an
awareness of the tricks and wiles
of the evil one. He is out to kill
steal and destroy us in one way
or another. It is our responsibility
to protect our Minds and Hearts
on a daily basis, and never let
go of our Faith in the Lord.

When we read the verses
that precede the verses above,
we read of how the Lord is
calling once again, His Children,
through Isaiah, back to His Arms.
God gives instruction of what they/we
should and should not do.
Father God’s Words
 are so precious.
In Chapter 41 alone,
there are so many
times, God pours
 His Love out to
His People of Old and
to us also today. Just a
 few of these Precious
Words of Love and Wisdom:
“…let the people renew their strength,
come near, let them speak: let them come
near together to judgement.” We
as a child of God have no argument
of how He Righteously Leads and Guides
us in our Todays or Tomorrows.
It is best we simply
 obey Him and just
keep silent.
His Ways are right,
no matter how things looks or
what other people’s opinions
are of us. As long as we are
doing our best to live and
 serve the Lord,
 what ever comes or goes
 in our todays or tomorrows,
 are in His Hands.
God tells us to “Fear Not” because He
is with us. He tells us to not be
“dismayed” because He will
strengthen us. He tells us
 He is Our God,
and He will help us.
He will hold us up
with His Right Hand
 of Righteousness.
He tells us that He will take
care of all those that are
mad, or very angry toward us
that they one day shall be ashamed
and confounded. Those that strive
with us shall perish. Those that war
against us shall be as nothing.
“For I the LORD your God,
will hold your right hand,
saying  unto you,
Fear not;
I will help you.”
These very words spoken so many
years ago are also for someone
in this Bible Study today.
Claim the Promises of God.
There are so many more promises
from the Lord to His People in
Chapter 41. Oh, my Father God,
make us hungry and thirsty for
Your Word!
Read this Isaiah Chapter 41 and
apply it to your own heart. You will
not be the same if you do. God’s
Word is for all His Children!
We can rest assured that
Father God has everything
under control. God will not ever
leave us or forsake us. He is
as close as a whisper.
God has our Future in His Hands.

Another Promise!
Philippians 1:6
“Being confident of this
very thing,
that He which has begun
a good work in you
will perform it until
the Day of Jesus Christ.”

Sister Joy Loves that Old Song,
by Jim Reeves

“It is No Secret”

The chimes of time ring
out the news
Another day is through
Someone slipped and fell,
Was that someone you?
You may have longed for added
Your courage be renew
Do not be disheartened
I have new for you.

It is no secret
What God can do,
What he has done for others,
He’ll do for you.
With arms wide open,
He’ll pardon you
It is no secret
What God can do.

There is no night,
for in His light
You’ll never walk alone.
You’ll always feel at home
wherever you may roam,
There is no power
can conquer you,
While God is on your side,
Take Him at His promise,
Don’t run away and hide.

It is no secret
What God can do,
What he has done
for others,
He’ll do for you.
With arms wide open,
He’ll pardon you.
It is no secret
What God can do.