Running the Race

 of Life

Have you ever experienced
a hot and muggy day?
I had forgotten how brutal
the summers can
be here in South Texas.
A couple days ago I
opened my front door and
I felt a wonderful cool
breeze. It was so refreshing,
I closed my eyes and
just stood there for a moment
to enjoy the
feeling of fall coming our way.
Just as seasons
change in our weather,
seasons change in our
lives. As children of God,
the question soon
“How do we run the race of life,
make it to the finish line?”
 With all the ups and downs of life,
we need to be mindful
and purposeful in our hearts
about our determination,
to fight the good fight
of faith in our journey of life.
The other day as we went out to get
something to eat, I sat by a large
window. I watch the birds, many birds
flying and landing on the overhead
telephone wires. It was not long that
there was no room for the anymore birds
to fit. Hundreds of birds were all lined up
on the wires above. That is a hunters dream,
if they like to eat birds! The Holy Spirit spoke
to my heart about how many times, God’s
Children sit and have no plan of how to
run this race of life and make it. The enemy of
our souls watch us and shoot us down over and
over emotionally and spiritually, because we
are his targets. He wants to steal from us
all our joy and peace. He wants to kill all our
faith in God. He wants to destroy our lives
through whatever means we allow him to
penetrate our hearts. Many of God’s Children
are like those birds all lined up on that overhead
wire with no plan of how to be one step ahead
of satan’s plans to shoot them down.
God has given us His Word. The more value we
place on our relationship with our Saviour, and
spending time in His Presence and studying
His Word, the greater our strength and wisdom
will mature in our inner man to run our race.
Let us be very honest with ourselves.
There is an old saying,
“To thine own heart be true.”
If we have grown cold in our soul and
do not really have a deep desire to be
with the Lord everyday and read His Word,
we need to acknowledge it to ourself and
to our Lord. We do not have to go confess
this to a Minister or even to another
person. We can it take to the Throne Room.
 We can just go before God and pray.

“Lord, help me have a hunger for Your
Leading and Guiding in my life.
I need Your Presence in my life each
and every moment of the day.
I need You to draw me to You by the
Precious Holy Spirit. Help me Father God!
I want to have a Thirsting for You and
Your Word in my life,
that cannot be quenched.
I never want to become satisfied in my
relationship with You. I want to always see
my need and dependence upon Your leading
and guiding me day by day. I love You
Lord more than all this world's wealth or fame.
You, Lord, are my everything.
In Jesus Name, Amen”

Now let’s go into our Bible Study.
Oh, what a Mighty God we Serve!
Hebrews Chapter 12: 1-2
“Wherefore seeing we also are compassed
about with so great a cloud of witnesses,
let us lay aside every weight,
and the sin which does so easily beset us,
and let us run with patience the race
that is set before us.
Looking unto Jesus
the Author and Finisher of our Faith;
who for the joy that was set
before Him endured the Cross,
despising the shame,
and is sit down at the Right Hand
of the Throne of God.”

These 2 verses are so powerful!
Oh, the heart of our God!
Oh, the heart of such a Saviour!
Oh, how precious is the Holy Spirit
that dwells in our hearts as Believers!
Oh, how Blessed we are!

We read of the fact that we
have a great cloud of witnesses. Those
saints that have gone on before us. We
cannot communicate with them in any way,
but we are compassed about by them.
This is not exactly the subject we are
studying today. However, in our race
of life there will be those that go
and be with the Lord before us.
And when someone we know
 goes on before us,
 we cannot communicate with them.
They cannot communicate with us either.
They are with the Lord, in Heaven.
If ever you feel like someone that
has gone on is trying to communicate
with you in anyway, that is not of God.
That is a familiar spirit that is evil.
And that is another Bible Study.
Our should be goal to finish our race
and meet them in Heaven.

V-1 continued…
The Word of God teaches us
to lay aside every weight and the
sin that easily besets us.
We are all unique. God made all of
us with different personalities.
What might beset Sister Joy,
may not even effect you.
However, what does trouble me
and cause me problems, I need to
lay it down at Jesus Feet, and walk
away from it so I can run my race
of life with more strength to overcome.
Can you imagine looking at a
Race and seeing guys and gals with
weights around their necks and arms
and feet? They are are standing there
getting ready to run and all this
weight on their bodies. The guy getting
ready to blow the whistle might yell, “You
will run better if you take off the weights
that so easily beset you!” Then we watch
and see that very few listen and remove
the weights. Maybe even some remove
one weight, but leave the rest because
they like it for some reason. Possibly they
like the weight because it feels good,
or makes them look cool as they run.
But the fact still remains,
if they would be willing to remove the
weights, the race would be easier for
them to run and finish.
People, we are in a
Spiritual Race of Life.
We are told by God to remove the
weights that hold us back from
making it to Heaven. We are not just
encouraged to remove the weights,
but instructed to remove them.
Whatever your weights are, and no
matter how much you may enjoy them,
take them before the Lord and ask
Him to show you how to remove what
is so easily besetting you and making
your race harder to run. We all
have to take a new look at ourselves
from time to time. We can revisit
these scriptures a re-evaluate how
our race of life is going.
This same scripture deals with any and all
sin that is holding us back from running
our race.  As children of God, we
know that sin is wrong and needs to
be dealt with, and eliminated from
our lives. We need to lay down
any and all sin at Jesus Feet.
We can pray for God to open
our Spiritual eyes and ears,
so we know the leading
of the Holy Spirit,
when He speaks to our
Hearts of what sin is and is not.
We do this by keeping
our Faith only in the Lord to help us
overcome. Our Spiritual Race of Life
 is not an easy one to run and we have
to be patient as God teaches
 us how to run it.

We can and will
finish our race if we purposely
 look to Jesus to help us each and
Jesus is the Author and
Finisher of our Faith.
Jesus wrote the pages of
the Faith we are to have in Him!
He is the Author of our Faith!
We have to purpose to know Him
and keep our Faith Firm in what
He did for us at Calvary.
Jesus is the Finisher of our Faith!
There is a saying today,
“He is a Closer!”
This is a compliment
given to someone
who is a success at
Closing Deals. He is not
just a bragger or full
 of hot air. He is a
man that does what
he sets out to do.
He is a Closer!
We’ll,  God Word says,
 Jesus is the Finisher!
 “a finisher”
Jesus will run with
 us and help us,
  Finish our Race!
Let’s just imagine,
 Jesus running before us.
He Paid the Price for us
 to run and finish
this race of life.
All we have to do is follow
Him! He is running before
 us making the crooked ways
straight. When we keep
our eyes on Him we will not
fall into pit holes in the road.
But if we fall we can
get up and just put our
 eyes back on the Lord and
run on! Jesus will lead us
if we are willing to follow.
Jesus already endured
the Cross for us! The joy that
was set before Him,
was the Price He Paid for us
to know Him
 and live in Victory
 with Him.
Jesus has finished
the Work and is now
 Sitting Down at the Right
 Hand of the Throne of God.
The Price is already paid for us
to finish our Race.
All we have to do is to
say, “ Where He leads
me I will follow.”
As we follow Jesus,
the Holy Spirit will
deal with our hearts
and minds and tell
us of weights and
sins that are
hindering us along
the way. At that point
we must be willing to lay
the weights and sins down.
 We must be
a child of God that
keeps our Spiritual
ears and eyes open
to know how to please
Him more. We must
purposely lay down our
burdens at the Cross
and Run this Race
to the finish line.

If Possibly you
 are discouraged
and you have
stop running because you
did not feel you could
make it, Sister Joy wants
you to know you can
and will make it,
if only you keep your
eyes on Calvary!
Imagine this:
 Sister Joy is running,
and you are sitting on
the side line of life.
As I am running my
race of life, I catch
a glimpse of you sitting there.
Sister Joy is yelling,
“Come on! Get back in the
Race. Come run along beside me.
Can’t you see Jesus up ahead.
Hurry, we got to catch up to
our Saviour! He is leading and
guiding us! We can make it!
I’ll help you. Run along beside
Sister Joy for a while,
until you feel
strong enough again to run
on your own! We’ll make it
brother! We’ll make it Sister!
It is so exciting to run with
Jesus Leading Us!”


Sister Joy loves that Old Song,

“What A Mighty God
We Serve!
What A Mighty God
We Serve!
Angels Bow Before Him!
Heaven and Earth
Adore Him!
What A Mighty God
We Serve!