Where is the Altar?

When was the last time you
Built an Altar?

Genesis 12:7

“And the LORD appeared to Abram,
 and said,
Unto you will I give this land:
And there built he an Altar
 unto the LORD,
who appeared unto him.”
Genesis 12:8

“And he removed from thence unto a mountain
on the east of Bethel, and pitched his tent,
have Bethel on the west, and Hai on the east:
and there he built and Altar unto the LORD,
and call upon the Name of the LORD.”

In this passage we read of how,
 Lord had just talked with Abraham
and told him of how He (God) was going
to make of him a Great Nation.
God had a plan for Abraham’s Life.
(God has a plan for our lives too.)
God told him of how He was
going to bless him and bless
everyone that blessed him. Also curse
everyone that cursed him.

What a Promise!
(By the way, we can claim every
promise in the Bible for our own lives!)

What did Abraham do?
The first thing Abraham did,
was to Build an Altar
to talk to the Lord.

Through the life of Abraham, He was
an Altar Builder. If you continue
to study the life
of Abraham, you will see him continue
to build Altars to pray and talk
 to the Lord
 through his life.
He saw his need to Worship and Pray.
Every Altar that he built pointed to
God, looking towards Calvary.
 Abraham knew he needed the Lord
to lead and guide him in his life.
It should be the same for us today.

People, we as children of God,
cannot properly live for God
 in our own strength or our own wisdom.
We in ourselves are no match
for all satan's tricks and powers against us.
Everyday we need to learn to go back to to
Jesus, who alone can help us.
This need of God on a daily basis
is hard for the carnal man to accept.
There is something in all of us that want
to be independent and live life our way.
We need to grow spiritually
 as Abraham did in his life,
and open our spiritual eyes,
so we can see our need for God’s
leading in our everyday lives.
Abraham became very aware of his
need to always be dependent
on the Lord.
We can learn by Abraham’s example.
We all need to learn that the
Lord wants us to Look to Him
for all our needs in this life.
When we will humble ourselves and build Altars,
we too are saying we have a need to
we look to Father God, where our help comes from.
When we build our Altars today,
 we are saying we see our need of the Blood
that Jesus shed at Calvary,
We are to humble ourselves and pray,
and turn from anything and everything
that takes our eyes off of our need for
God’s help in our lives.
There were times in Abraham’s Life
when He did not see the need to
build an Altar. He made decisions without
Building His Altar and talking to the Lord.  
It was in these times
we find Abraham, failing the Lord.
We too will fail in our walk with God
if we do learn to be an Altar Builder.

Abraham’s Life and Example is amazing to Sister Joy.
 I love to read and learn from His Life Lessons.
Sister Joy is not trying to over simplify all the truths
about Abraham and how the Lord called him to
be the Father of Many Nations.
(Genesis 17:5)
However what Sister Joy wants to point out
today in our Bible Study
is how Abraham was a man that
placed much value
in building himself an Altar wherever He was,
to Talk with God and Worship Him.

In days past, almost every church
you went into had an Altar.
We would go up to the Altar and pray.
Sometimes we would pray alone,
and sometimes we would pray with others.
There were times we would pray minutes
at the Altar. Then there were other
times we would pray Hours.
There were times we would go up to the Altar
and ask for our Pastor and Deacons to pray for us.

We are to build personal Altars.
This is simply a place where
we get alone with the Lord
and spend time with Him.
It might be early in the morning,
when everyone is still asleep,
we go out on the porch and
take our Bibles and Pray and
Praise our Lord.
It might be we get alone with God
at Noonday when we take
walks and pray and talk to God.
It might be at the midnight hour
we go into a room somewhere and
close the doors and say,
“Lord here I am, its just You and me.”
All of us need to strive to give
the Lord some quality time that is
personal, just us and God!
This is Building our
Personal Altar with Him!

Also we need to restore our
Altars in our Churches.
Pastors and their Wives,
and all the Leaders of
Local churches should
be examples of being
an Altar Builder.
If Pastor’s and Preachers do
not value the Altar, how do
they expect their people
to learn to see their need
for an Altar?
Today, as Sister Joy visits churches
I am hard pressed to even
find a church that has a Altar.
Sister Joy is not saying that we
have to have a wooded Altar
in our Churches to be right with God.
We can make an Altar at our Pews,
or Chairs, or just up front somewhere
by the Platform.
However, Sister Joy wants to
 ask all Pastors,
“What is so Old School about having
Altars in our Churches.
Have we let the enemy trick us into taking
away the very place where we have
seen over the years people give their hearts
to God,  set free,
healed, and delivered?
When was the last time Pastor,
You gave an Altar Call?
Most churches I visit just dismiss the
congregation immediately after
 the Pastor is finished speaking.
Did you notice that Sister Joy
 said, “speaking”?
Well while I am on this
road I’d might as well say it.
Some Pastors do not “Preach”
or even desire to “Preach” anymore.
  They simply say they are going to
speak for a few moments and dismiss.
We won’t go there today.
That topic is for next weeks Bible Study.

Back to the Altar:
It is a wonderful experience to teach
God’s People to be a man or woman that
knows how to build themselves an Altar.
It is very hard for the carnal man
to admit his need of building
Altars in his life. The enemy will try
to make us believe we can make it in our own
strength and wisdom. We will not be able
to live an overcoming life that way. We
need Jesus to be saved, and we need Jesus
to live for God. When we see our need to
be an Altar builder, we are in a sense saying,
"I am looking to Calvary again,
for my strength and
wisdom in my daily life."

By example, we as Ministers of the Gospel
should build an Altar where ever we Minister.
I just love to visit churches
and find the Pastor praying
before the service.

If you are a Pastor, Sister Joy
 wants to challenge you to
be at Church early and
 build yourself an Altar.
If you are a Teacher, Sister
 Joy want to challenge you to
be early for your class
and build yourself an Altar.
If you are a Worship Leader,
 Sister Joy wants to challenge you
to arrive early before the Service
and build yourself an Altar.
Youth Pastors, Children’s Church Leaders, Ushers,
Deacons, Choir Leaders, Minister of Prayers, etc…
Sister Joy wants to challenge you
 to arrive early before the
Service and build yourself an Altar.

When we lead by example in
Building the Altars, God’s people will follow.
Always remember that a church will no usually go
any deeper in the truths of God than their Pastors.
The sheep follows their Shepherd.
Where are you leading your people?

 What a difference it will
make if we will open and close
 our Services at the Altar.
I have seen the difference
between Churches that are
“Altar Builders”, and those that do not
value the Altar Experience.
They are as different as day and night.  
This is not “Old School” teaching.
This is Bible Teaching.
Look at how much easier life was for
Abraham when he
 “Built himself an Altar.”
When we Preach and Teach People how to
Build an Altar in our Churches, in turn, they go
home and teach their families how to
“Build Altars” in their homes and personal lives.
Ministers, you will find when
the people of God learn
the value of the Altar,
they will come to you with less problems.
They learn to talk and hear
 from the Lord on their own.
Yes, we as Leaders will always
be there for each other
and God’s people. However,
we all would do good
 to go back to the Word of God,
 and teach people that
they can call upon God as Abraham did.