Welcome to our 2018

Ministers' Conference

Sister Joy wants to invite
all Ministers
to this 2018 Ministers' Conference.
Everyone is Welcome to come and study
God’s Word with us. However during
the Month of January all Messages
are dedicated to those in Ministry.
We all have been called by the Lord to
tell other about what Jesus has done
for us personally in our lives, with the
hope that our testimony will lead others
to the Saving Knowledge of surrendering
their hearts to the Lord. It does not
 matter what our Ministry is,
 we all need a Refreshing of
the Holy Spirit from time to time.
This is why Sister Joy dedicates
one month each year to hold an online
Minister’s Conference.
Through the years, we have had Ministers
 contact us from various countries.
 We all look forward to starting each
New Year together in the Work of God.
Sister Joy will encourage and challenge us
to keep on keepin on, to fulfill
the Call on our lives! We invite everyone
with a desire to tell others about Jesus to
come and study God’s Word with us. We want
our Saviour to say to us,
Matthew 25:21
“The Lord said unto him,
Well done,
thou good and faithful servant:
you have been faithful over a few things,
I will make you ruler over many things:
enter thou into the joy of your Lord.”

It does not matter what Ministry
you are called by God to do.
This is an Invitation to all Ministers,
Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Missionaries,
Children’s Church Leader’s, Youth
Pastors, Music Ministers, or any other
Ministry the Lord has called you to
be Faithful in. Together we will work
till Jesus Comes,
 and then be gathered Home!

As we begin this New Year of Ministry,
Sister Joy wants to encourage us to
acknowledge our need,
for the Lord to
Lead and Guide us.
In Isaiah Chapter 30 we read of the
Children of Israel, God’s People.
As we go through this Chapter we will
not be able to read every verse, because
of lack of time. I do want to encourage you
to read the entire chapter. This will
 give you a larger foundation to glean
the truths God is teaching us
in this Bible Study.

Good and Faithful Servant

Message 1 of 3

Lead Me and Guide Me

Isaiah Chapter 30

Isaiah 30:21
“And your ears shall hear a word
behind you, saying,
This is the Way,
Walk you in it,
when you turn to the right hand,
and when you turn to the left.”
The title of this Message is,
“Lead Me and Guide Me”.
As we work in the Ministry, we are
always leading and guiding God’s
Children in one way or another.
We lead through our daily walk
with the Lord as an example.
We lead and guide God’s People as we
 minister in
Preaching and Teaching.
Sister Joy wants caution you to be
very careful about becoming
Self Sufficient in our Call.
Do you remember the very first times
you began to Minister. Chances are,
and most probably are, you were scared
and nervous about how to Minister.
Then as time go’s on, we
 become less and less nervous
about our Ministry. There is
 an old saying,
“Practice makes Perfect”.
We need to always be mindful
that there was only one that lived
a perfect life, and that was our
Saviour, Jesus. We will never
Minister in Perfection as He did
when He walked upon this earth.
However we can Minister in
Obedience to His Call and be a
Willing Vessel He can trust and use.
This comes by us spending time
with the Lord and seeking Him for
what He has to say to His People.
As we continue in Ministry, we will
be Preaching, Teaching, and or Singing,
over and over again. As the months and
years go by, it may become easy or even
tempting to not seek the Lord to Lead
and Guide us in what “He” wants us to
Minister to His People. Ministers
need to be careful that we ourselves do
not become self sufficient in our own
wisdom and understanding.  Father God wants to
always see us looking to Him to
Lead and Guide our words we Preach. He wants
us to see our need for Him in everything
we do. We are to be Dependent on
the Lord and to look to Him where our
help comes from. This is as true in our
Personal lives as it is in Ministry.
The Lord will speak to those who listen,
and we will hear the Voice of God saying,
“…This is the Way, walk you in it…”
The same way God will speak to those He
has called to Ministry. We go to the Lord,
and ask the Lord, “What do You need to
say to Your People today?” We can get
behind the pulpit with “Fresh Manna”
each and every time we Minister.
Please do not go online and choose a
Message to Preach. If God has truly
called you to Minister, He will speak to
your heart of what He wants to say
to His People. When the Lord gives you
an opportunity to Minister, you have
the responsibility to study His Word and
Pray, and spend time in His Presence.
During these times, at some point the
Holy Spirit will lead and guide you
and say,
“…This is the Way, walk you in it…”.
As Ministers, it is our responsibility to hear
from God for His People. We are not to get up
and sing just because we can sing. When
we loose our desire to hear what the
Lord has to say to the Church, we begin
to Preach, Teach, Sing out of our own
understanding and wisdom. There are
many that call themselves ministers and
they are nothing more than
motivational speakers that use God’s Word
as they see fit to call themselves ministers.
To hear a Message Preached,
a Teaching Taught,
 or a Song Sang,
by a Minister that has heard from God,
and a man or woman that just speaks
or sings out of his own wisdom and
understanding or talent, is as different as
 day and night.
We are in the Army of the Lord.
God leads us to do what He needs done.
We do not lead the Holy Spirit!
The Holy Spirit Leads Us!
In Isaiah 30:1 we read of a
 rebellious people. They took council
but not of God! They took coverings,
but not of His Spirit! V-2 says they
walk to Egypt but God did not tell
them to go there. They look to
the leaders of Egypt for strength,
and did not look to God where
their strength came from.
Looking to others for our leading
no matter how big and strong they
might be, will end in our shame.
We are to look to God, and ask Him
to lead us to lead His People. If God
has called you to Ministry, God has
a Word for you to speak. We do not
buy a message online
to lead His People.
We get alone with God,
 and seek His Face, and ask
Him for guidance.
Any other way, will not profit our Ministry,
and we will know shame and confusion
 and eventually we will know reproach. V-5
We could even become Ministers with
an rebellious heart, and leading others
to follow our rebellious example.
If we do not see our need to go to
the Lord to lead and guide us
we could become a Minister that
leads God’s People saying only
what they want to hear,
“Smooth things, prophesy
deceits…” V-10
Do we as Ministers want to
 Prophesy Lies and only preach
what people say they want to hear?
No! We must be willing to Minister what
the Holy Spirit tells us to say.
Someone may say,
“Sister Joy,
you’re Ministering to Ministers.
They already know how to hear
from God and this Bible Study is
just a waste of time.”
I would say to that person,
“You are wrong”.  I am meeting
and hearing more and more
Ministers that are not seeking
the Lord for their Messages.
They just buy a Message or
Series of Messages online.
A Minister that Preaches or
Teaches “Fresh Manna” is a
thing of the past, I have
been told.
We need to return to the Lord
for the leading and guiding of
the Holy Spirit.
The Holy One of Israel, our God,
is calling us as Ministers, Leaders
of His People to return to Him.
We will find a place of rest and
be saved from the confusion of
those telling us how to Minister
contrary to God’s Leading and Guiding.
Then we as Leaders that hear from God
will have a quiet confidence and that
will be our strength. V-15.
God called his people back to Him in this
30th Chapter of Isaiah.
But, “…they would not.”
V-16 says they said, “No; for we will flee…”
God’s people did not want to obey and hear
from Him. They wanted their own way.

Ministers, please read on…
In V-18 we see our God,
so Precious and so Loving,
“And therefore will the LORD wait,
that He may be gracious unto you,
and therefore will He be exalted,
that He may have mercy upon you:
for the Lord is a God of judgement:
blessed are they that wait for Him.”

No matter how we may have failed
the Lord in Ministry in our yesterdays,
God is calling us back to the days,
when would get alone with
Him and seek His
face, and ask our Lord
to lead and guide our mouth
to Preach, Teach, or Lead
in Worship what He wants us to.
Only God knows the needs and the
hearts of his children. We are only
the vessel He uses to speak His Words.
 Let us not be
rebellious and want to Minister
in our own strength, our own wisdom,
in our own words,
way or our own flow.
1 Corinthians 1:17
"For Christ sent me not to baptize,
but to preach the Gospel:
not with wisdom of words,
lest the Cross of Christ
should be made of non effect."
This is the Answer to
How we are to Minister!
Let us allow the Holy Spirit to
move through us as we
Minister to God’s People.
Sister Joy does not want an old way
or do I desire a new way to Minister.
I desire only one way, and that is
to Minister and be Ministered to,
“Fresh Manna” from the
Heart of my God!.

Ministers, when was the last
 time you sought the Lord for
 leading and guiding as to what
 to say to God’s Children? Let us take
this Message and apply it to our hearts.
Let us take seriously ever time we stand
behing a Pulpit to Minister or Teach or
Sing, or Lead Worship. We will all give
an account of our words as Christians.
How much more will we as Ministers
give an account of what we say to
God’s People? We are not our own,
we have been bought with a price.
1 Corinthians 6: 19-20
do you not know that your body
is the Temple of the Holy Spirit
which is in you, which you have of God,
and you are not your own?
For you are bought with a price:
therefore Glorify God in your body,
and in your spirit, which are God’s.”

If we teach this to God’s People,
(which we should be Preaching on
 and Teaching the Children of God)
How much more should we as
Ministers, Glorify God by hearing
from the Throne Room of God,
to Lead and Guide Us,
of what to
Minister to His People?

Sister Joy Loves that Old Song
by Doris Akers,

Lead Me, Guide Me

Lead me, guide me along the way
For, if You will lead me, I cannot stray
Lord let me walk each day with thee
Lead me oh Lord, lead me!