2015 Minister's Conference

This Years Theme:

"Where is the Glory of God?"

We welcome you to our 2015 Minister's Conference.
In the Month of January for the last several years Sister Joy has
dedicated all her teaching to Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
These teachings will most certainly challenge anyone who listens and
everyone is welcome to study God's Word with us.
However, the Preaching and Teaching will be directed to Pastors, Teachers,
Evangelists, and all who are about their Father Business!
This should include all of us Christians in one way or the other, right?

Again this year, Sister Joy will send (free of charge) to all Pastors
 the CD Set of the 2015 Minister's Conference.
Just contact us at joyfaithministry@aol.com.

Sister Joy once again wants to thank each and every person that has
contacted the Ministry this last year. Over the years God has given me the
opportunity to meet Precious Christians that have a great love for the Lord.
Just today, Sister Joy received another email from a Minister of the Gospel.
Your emails help me know who is coming to the website and being Spiritually Feed.
Thank You for all your kind words of love and encouragement.
Together we will work till Jesus Comes!
Amen! Amen! Amen!


2015 Ministers Conference:

You can listen to the audio of the Message
in the Center Box Below:

Is God Standing at the Threshold of Your Heart?

Is God Standing at the Threshold of Your Ministry?

His Glory Flows Through the Blood of Jesus!

 Those Who Leave the Bible, Loose His Glory!