There is Power


God’s Word!

1 Corinthians 1:18

"For the Preaching of the Cross
is to them who perish foolishness;
but unto us which are saved it is the Power of God."

When Sister Joy was a little girl in grade school,
I remember the day my teacher told me I was falling
behind in Math and in fact I was far behind my grade level.
This was at the end of the school year.
My teacher told me I need to have someone help me through
 the summer with my math so that I would not be held back the next year.
 As a little girl this troubled my heart.

I lived with my Grandfather and I knew he was doing his best to raise me. 
I watch Him give to me when he did not have it to give.
I sat in our little dining room and remembered how I had
just got a new pair of shoes.
Grandpa put my needs once again before his own.

I did not really understand this until the day
I walk up to my grandpa on the back porch of his house.
He was working on something and ask him what he was doing.
I remember he had his own shoes up on the washing
 machine. He was cutting some cardboard pieces and putting
them in his shoes because the leather had worn though.
I could see there were holes in the bottom of his shoes.
This was just one more time my Grandpa gave to me and
did without himself. 
This is just one of the many sacrifices Grandpa made,
as He took care of me.

But through it all,
My Grandpa taught me to love the Lord.
He took me to Sunday School and Church.
He taught me to Love God's Word and to Pray.
He taught me all the answers to all my life could be found
 when I talked to God and read my Bible.

So, as I sat there in the little dining room,
 I talked to Father God and ask Him what I should do.

The Lord told me to Read my Bible.
God told me, as I would read my Bible
He would help me with my Math.
It did not make sense, but that is what God told me to do.
So, that is exactly what I did. I began reading the Word of
God that summer. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months.
As I read God’s Word, I would go to the homework my teacher
sent home with me. Page after page of my math problems became
easier and easier for me to do. When started school I was able
to do my math at grade level. When I was ask about how I
caught up in Math, I told them,
"I read my Bible!"
This was foolishness to them,
but to me it was the Power of God!

I experienced once again, that summer,
the Miracle of Talking to God and Reading His Word.
I learned that what my Grandpa had taught me was true.
I learned that there really was
Power in the Word of God.

Paul taught in 1 Corinthians 1:18 that the Preaching of the Cross
was foolishness to those that did not know Jesus.
But to those that are saved and know Him
the Word of God is the Power of God!

My Grandpa knew this and he taught me this as a little girl.
Grandpa was not a “Preacher” to many. However He did
“Preach” to me the truths of God’s Word.

I know many who read this are not
Pastors, Teachers, or Evangelists.
However, we all have a call on our lives to
tell others about what Jesus has done for us.
When Jesus gave the Great Commission in the Gospels,
He did not "ask" us to go. 
He Commanded us to go!
This does not mean we have to go any farther than our
Homes, unless God call us to.
My grandpa never went to Africa, or South America,
In fact he never left the U.S..
However in the little home he raised me in,
he Preached and Taught me to Love and Trust God.

Mothers, Fathers, Grandpas, Grandmas,
 Aunts, Uncles, Sisters, Brothers,
We are all Called to Preach the Word of God.
We can start in our own homes and lead by example.
If you ever wanted to know the Will of God for your life
you can start by teaching those you come in contact
with to Pray and Read God's Word.
So they too will experience the Power of God!
This is the Will of God for all of our lives.

There is Power in the Word of God.
As we share God’s Word with those who have accepted
Jesus as their Saviour, they too can know
the Power of God! When we give our lives to Jesus,
His Blood covers our sins. This gives the Holy Spirit
latitude to do a Great and Powerful Work in our Lives!

The unsaved will look at what Sister Joy is teaching you as
foolishness. The Word of God tells us just that. Paul is teaching
the Corinthian People (and us today) that the Preaching of the Cross
(the Word of God) is foolishness to the world of those that are not saved.
But to us, (those that are saved)  it is the Power of God!

Let us all remember we are in the Ministry of God!
We are all called to tell others about what Jesus has done for us!
We can start in our own homes and raise our children to know the
Power of God.
Look how my Grandpa taught me.
You too can teach your own household to know
 the Power of God.
You may say,
“Sister Joy, I am not good enough to do what your Grandpa did.
I have problems in my life. I am not perfect. I … I… I…”
Sister Joy would say to you,
“My Grandpa was not perfect, and never claimed to be,
but he pointed me to a God that was!”

Sister Joy loves that Old Song
 Grandpa use to sing,

“ I believe God, I believe God.
Ask what you will and it shall be done.
Trust and obey, believe Him and say,
I believe, I believe God!”